Sunday, May 13, 2007



Grevilleas rule,they grow so well and flower all year(at least mine do),this little fello is Sea Spray and I think it goes by the name of Chinese Lanten too.

A close up of the flowers,when if full flower they seem to hang like lantens too,small but very effective,hardy and just big enough to make an impact!

Geraldton Wax,Its leapt out of the ground and is at least a 120cm tall,only 7 months in the ground,Im so thrilled with it as they can be fickle to grow and drop dead with no warning.I have two more ready to plant that I picked up for$5 but not sure of their colours.
Theres a close up of the older bushes with bud which should open this week so stay tuned for progress reports!!!!!!!!!!

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