Saturday, May 19, 2007

The post has arrived

This week has been exciting with email bringing not one but two parcels of goodies!

The first was from the lovely, hi Mandie!!!! Ewe Give Me The Knits with a absolutely gorgeous 200g bag of merino.The colours had to be seen in person to appreciate the true colour,a mixture of blues,greens and purples! And so soft!! The latest copy of Wildfibres that Ive been drooling over on their own site,was going to get a sub to it! And tree new colours to add to my collection, Mist,Cloud Ears and heath,lovely pastels that are the opposite to what I have been using but a nice change! Mandie also put in a sample of I think is moody doo,I will ask her to make sure! Also check Mandies up and coming additions to her stock,or maybe I should keep it to myself, Buffolo Gold,yes sirey, I got the patterns sorted,Im raring to go,needles poised.............

The second parcel is the first icelandic roving Ive seen and cant wait to try it. The wool is obviously a mix of guard hair and soft down but I can see why its popular,it feels soft and warm in its roving state,I hope I dont ruin it by overspinning!
I really need to knit,or should I say finish the vests Ive been half doing since last winter,I couldve used them this week with the weather going cold to warm and back again, I have a green Cleckheaton Silk and enough of other "stuff" in the stash for at least two more but Ive sort of fell in love with Knittys Morestripes and have earmarked the wool from a US Ebay woolshop and while purusing that site came across the Lornas Laces "Black Purl" which Ive been also lusting after.Now Ive never felt this LL so Im curious ,does it match up to its price? Has anyone who s knitted with it for socks at least found it to be worth the price tag? Please let me know as Im hitting that buy button this week IF my yarn budget can fit it in!
OK Im off to try some sunny corner knitting,nearing finished my Mums socks and must get a bit done on CPH,really need it,its cold here! Then again,theres also ,,,OMG,I have aweek to start and finish those socks for friend on European holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Hi Cathy!! Yay you got mail!! Goodness it takes a long time to make it's way to you over in the West doesn't it?
    The little sampler is "Blues Anchor"'s nice to add some sparkle to your yarn. Isn't Wild Fibers just the absolute best - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that magazine!! You'll hear me yelling from there when the Buffalo Gold goodies land!! WOOOHOOOOO! Will keep you posted :-)
    Hope you're having a great weekend - maybe you'll get to play with the Icelandic if you sneak away somewhere quiet! xoxo

  2. I've got some LL to use for my Forest Canopy Shawl, which I to scared to start, but it seems nice to "play" with. It's Shepherd Sport.
    Anyway the fibre haul looks great, can't wait to seee what you spin with it!