Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July 16

Just another year slipping by, i gave up writing it has been too hard not jusst to find the time but to write anything worth writing about and physically unable to with enjoyment, is anyone nterested ? I suspect not
coming up to 8 month physio with three to go with a new physio,
work is just as crap, nasty people even with records abound, dobbing and nit picking,
no idea what my job is anymore
have 4 more assisgnments to go
expect to take LSL leave in October, 6 weeks off but no holidays im afraid
hope to make a mum trip in above
i miss my boys dreadfully and even more so when hubby siad they dont like coming out here anymore because of me
I can knit again slowly and in short bits of time
art work is same, how the hell Ive manged to get this far in uni beats me
I dont mean to be a sad sister, but no close friends in town work study work study no life makes a boring persn with no point to life seeming to loom.
The loom is sitting idle with a gorgeous black Wolmiese shawl in it, only a few inches to do but when I had a play three months ago it took that long to get over it, Have a nice couple nice 4ply skeins sitting there ready to do next project, maybe after jext assignment ill try a little bit
knitting a beanie st by st for ine sn who complained henever hot a hat just for him,well he did but apparently it wasnt what he wanted, i sure hope this one will be ok, ribbing is aweful , plain knitting doesnt seem to hurt as much
work I ng on this one too, frogged Duck l'orange
so soft bunny merino from the lovely Charly, currently very carefully spinning gold carot top in soft pink and chaqrcoal , yes a littel spinning, as long at i dont go too fast or hunch I can do that. 
I never realised how much my artist self needed this stuff, without it the poor mind goes south, I did start to thk what a waste of time, knitting things etc even when I m playing in the journal,the sheer joy of color and design seemed a waste of effort, now I can do little thngs again I feel better. Just need to find purpose in life 
sorry for typoes couldbt bother3d gong back over it
thes lil birdies re currently in QUeensland in the compact prints exhibit i hope they are liked, hand colored etchings

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  1. Life is just difficult sometimes. It is hard to pick yourself up and be positive again. I love your little hand coloured birds, they are gorgeous. Oh the trials of children and their wants and needs!!!! I hope you can just keep it all together until your LSL and then you can relax and enjoy some time to think and relax.