Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spring 16 is here

Touching base
Busy with everything,my brain is fried Im sure and so days I just cant breathe, my shoulders are as good as they re going to get,I can work for now but have to change things a little to cope, I have my ;last uni proposal due this friday,
I took photos of some bush land today to add to this research section of proposal,the wildflowers are supposed to be a boom this year but I think we must have missed out on the good rains at the right place,a couple of pics

in two months I finish uni,I was supposed to move to Perth for the final one next year but it turns out I cant claim Austudy,Im devastated,I do not want to stay in a job Im not wanted or appreciated,this was a chance to get out and get qualifications, where do I turn now...


  1. Oh you must be very disappointed, I am very sad to hear that. Maybe something will turn up??? Good luck with your proposal. Glad your shoulders are as good as they get!! WE had all your rain here!!!

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