Tuesday, January 05, 2016

more paints and printing

This arrived yesterday I bought a ball earlier last year and started another elm tree shawl,the lovely lady kept this lot til I decided if i could use,Im ashamed I took so long to get it, theres enough for a reasonably sized shawl i think and the beauty of this pattern you can pick the size. 

 The sunflower painting is moving along but not really happy with it, I put mica flakes into the paint for the vase,interesting effect but not as noticeable as I hoped
 My messy table lol,with the latest roses and grevilleas

 The lovely very easy to grow pigface, I bought these for the school, and a piece fell of so I stuck in the pot without giving it much thought and its taken off,if i could get it to flower as profusley as other people got it to Id be much happier,more branches have been struck and since moved to the garden Im slowly reclaiming from Hubbys mess
And my latest testing for current project,a rough collograph using spinefix and gum leaves, the plate is semi sealed and the little branch is painted in gouache then carefully place before laying wet paper over it, next step is to make spinefix paper and use as backing

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