Friday, January 01, 2016


Well heres of a the start of a new year
...not sure what to say , had a very quiet day only us with two youngest at home,I feel bad for them though the youngest is prob the only one who would have liked to go out,myself at that age and even up to now have never really had the opportunity to go out and kick the heels up, next year I intend not being here but on the beach ,maybe at Bremmer Bay,I love  beach combing so that would be a good thing,next year Ill be done with uni,something else to celebrate and Ill know if Im gong further too.
Currently,the boys are on the coast,coming home tomorrow,one doesnt even have a clutch at the moment but being taught by Hubby he driving without one...I want the old cruiser back so I can go bush for research for current sub
a bit of my latest from the room
this is going into my pile of resources I think I have an idea for it,  water colours over sealed porcupine grass and no gaps with highlights of gold

the third in a series of fun bits Im doing ,the Blue Series,Ill aim for 10,frame and then put out at local gallery,,Im hoping people will like the enough to buy
garden news,still one more sunflower to come with rest going to seed but Ive finally got the bird bath,bargain at $20 and the arch Ive been coveting for ages knocked down to 479,didnt want to spend money but besides a few more natives for back yard ,that it,just clean up and keep tidy

a yellow grevillea will be put into that spot behind shovel with a Robin Gordon in a line next to the grey niveas to the right,and Im also putting another on other side on fence to left,that ll bring the birds in,by the time the fruit trees mature the rest will be quite big too.the arch will be near that green hose,I hope to find flat rocks or old pavers to fill that area back into corner,a path of stone etc through arch,a couple years will see a magic transformation
now back to study
Wishing anyone and everyone reading this that your dreams coem true to some point this new year

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