Saturday, December 16, 2006

The weeks are flying, I am prepared this time with a few photos so here goes,

My back yard showing the vegie garden that is a bit sad,nothing like Sweet Peas lovely plot, there are some tomatoes that need spraying for russet mite that Sweet Pea was able to help identify,I am spraying today I hope anyway, as I am in a big clean up to make place look super presentable to be value so I can get the new kitchen and verandahs on.Living with 6 males doesn't make it easy as they have yet to learn to pick up their tools etc .In tis plot are some cabbages that I haven't picked yet(at least something successful) and some small zuchinis that are abit slow(maybe because I keep forgetting to water them...Guilty as....)
Anyway this plot will be the main vegie area and I am building up the humus level with soil improver,manures and by using pea hay as mulch I have been able to continue this through the year so I haven't had to do as much work.The bugs did most of it.
No close up as it definitely needs work.

As Head Gardener at School I have had a few comments that the school gardens are lovely ,when am I going to put my front lawn in!
Well I am not,The front will be a cemented drive curving around the front of house with natives filling majority of garden beds left.I have already planted successfully a row of roses(I didn't intend this but I couldn't help a few) and a heap of natives such as diosmas,grevilleas and Geraldton waxes.I will adding more such as myaporums(prostrate) and Grevilleas robyn gordons,spots already reticed and ready to go.The local Waldecs Garden Centre have a 50% sale I didn't know about so I am ringing them to find out if its going this week as I may have a another trip to Kal before Xmas(even though I am broke(owed 4 boys 10 weeks pocket money on top of Xmas shopping, Yikes!)
Back to original thought,the back yard is mainly lawn with a cottagey garden along the fence.My excuse is I am waiting for house renos to at least be nearly finish as there is no sense in planting for machinery to squash.I veiw the current area a holding and progating one where I can chose
the final plants to keep or give away!

This a series of pics featuring our Tilly on a cockroach/lizard/spider hunt in among my DH treasures behind the shed,hopefully where the valuer won't go! DH collects wood like I collect wool/plants( I like to think my collection is better preserved than his bits!

This tyre is part of a collection(that word again) that he has in mind for a buggy to take the boys out onto the salt lake on his days off,they have been there two years,I have wool that I have stored for longer so I don't comment!!!!!!!

Tilly loves it and she needs the exercise anyway!

In keeping with the gardening theme,some little animals that come within the boundries,(hopefully Tilly won't find them) This baby goanna was caught on camera by the boys,hes ready for takeoff.....

A little baby dragon,they came out after the thunderstorm last week and the boys were quick to get out there to see them emerge from the ground nest the female laid the eggs in,weeks ago.
Speaking of storm,it was unusually violent with a little rain but the lghtning was spectacular with a direct hit on a powerpole behind us that went straight to the house nearest.It was so hard a hit ,we went straight around there to see if they were okay(or as H said to see if they were still alive!) They were OK but very shaken(NewZealanders and new to this area) and at that stage hadn't checked their house contents for damage.We didn't get our power back on for about 6 hours,the power contracters were up and down the lane way behind us looking for faults for ages! Kids loved the candles.....

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