Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chrissy knitting

I had imagined lazing around and starting a couple of new projects to be a special something for the day...
Well I think I dozed most of the day away but after three attempts,managed to start a toe up sock using On Line sock wool from The Wool Shack which had it as a special just before the big Day.Couldn't resist and bought two balls ,one for a gift and the other for me(read that,practise new pattern and if it looks dodgy I will still wear it)
This wool is sold an 8ply but is more a 6 so getting the needles right was a pain and finding a suitable pattern was equally so!! Finally I found one and have tweaked it abit to suit my foot and after a fight with it at Ten last night!!!Managed to figure out the heel... It remains to be seen if my patience holds out and I can finish it....There isn't much for a 6ply wool I found particularly if you are after a quick no thinking one!!!
That patience was tested by the CPH this morning as well as I finally picked it up at tea break time and managed to get three cable repeats when I realised that I didn't face a cable the right way and had to undo it back to the ribbing, grrrrr.Not so bad,you could say! only thing is ,is that this is the third time I have knitted this sleeve,(second for other). The story behind this? Too many projects going at once and I forgot which needle size I used for 1st sleeve.There must be an advantage in keeping a note book especially when you fiddle with pattern and I have learnt my lesson....
Christmas Eve saw me busily trying to finish the second project I have been working on, as it was, I managed to only complete one(don't know why as the recipient hasn't got it yet and the second is looking at me now waiting for the last bit).I was so out of it that my DH had to be Santy and the next day I kept remembering the odd parcel still hiding in cupboard,LOL and some didn't get names on them!!!!!Alls good though,kids were resonably happy and only two partially unhappy at the fact I had in the past distant memory promised a certain item.....to go off in another direction,oh well ones Birthday is coming up so that will be reckified and the other will be used as a reward for good behaviour,sort off( he has a problem or three so it will be good for him)
Remember this?

Well this is the finished item with a close up for detail....
A tea cosy that I adapted from a Simply Knitting Mag,the idea was there and the flower pattern but the rest I worked out using Jet as the cream base and the flowers and leaves(yes there is another sitting on the opposite,not sewn just sitting to give an idea of finished look!) were out of Cleckheaton Silk,pinched from yarn stash put away for future knitting! All in the name of texture and colour.I figured out the leaf design
and although the original idea came from the Mag I will write it up for future reference as I can see a few more of these coming out! I was worried it would look a bit tacky but after seeing them in a new day I am immensly pleased with my efforts! They are destined to two friends who love coming to my place 'cause I make tea in a pot,no TEA BAGS ,real Dilmah Tea leaf,so I thought what a brilliant idea,they can have tea at home when I visit them,LOL!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Cathie,
    Sounds like a great Christmas, and I do love the tea cosy. It is really beautiful.
    Hope you have a really Happy New Year

  2. I love the teapot cozy! Sounds like you all had a nice holiday! :)

    Happy new year!

  3. Lovely colours in the socks. The teapot cosy is really lovely. I must see if I have that magazine.

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHH...........its a tea cosy ....!was wondering ..thought possibly a new fangled scarf ?
    very nice ..I love it ..the cream and pinl set each other off nicely

  5. I can not wait to see the pattern for your tea cozy....I love this.

  6. Fantastic job on the tea cozy - look forward to the pattern.

    Happy New Year. :)

  7. the tea cosy is lovely! DH would die if that showed up on his tea pot. :-)
    Happy New Year!
    Your colour is great, and if you happen to want to swap a bit of BFL for some yarn... :-)

  8. I really love how your cozy turned out! It's lovely!
    Can you tell me what issue it was in? I'm in a tea ministry and we go to older ladies homes and have tea and spend time with them. I'd love to make a beautiful cozy for our teas!