Monday, January 01, 2007

A bit of colour!!!

I m getting to spin something for the Spin to Knit Swap and thought I would play with some colour and also as I had all this BFL sitting in the stash adn very white....

And then as I had mixed some green ,(lucerne) but changed my mind about using it on the roving,and not wanting to waste it of course,dyed a bit more yarn.

This orange is supposed to be a pink but I have decided to call this rockmelon and will make socks as Im curious to see if it stripes well....


  1. Ooh, great colors! I love the way orange and green look together.

  2. Love the colours in the roving - scrumptious!

  3. Great colours you have dyed the yarn.

  4. I like the color combo. The orange looks tastey like sherbert.

    I also love your tea cozy.
    Great Job.

  5. Hi,
    I came across a comment from you on Donna's blog. My daughter has just moved to Swanbourne, near Fremantle, and I'm interested in the farm you mentioned so that I can tell her.

  6. Hi Cathie....Such summery colors... nice....
    Happy New Year to you :)))
    Yin (Dishcloth Swap)

  7. Hi to thos ewho have visited and thought I would pop this in here as I haven't been able to to reply to some as the new blogger has been a bit troublesome(couldn't get the acceptance through for Ozknitters Toe Sock Kal)
    so will persevere....

  8. mmmmm carrots ;-)

    Maybe if the socks don't work out - you could knit some carrots? ... not sure how easy that would be though - but I crocheted a carrot last year ... and a banana and a lemon and a green chilli and half a capsicum (I intend to finish it eventually, I stopped before it was finished because a more important/interesting project intervened ;-) ... why did I crochet fruit and vegetables? - no particular reason, they just kind of "fell off the hook" ...

  9. Wow those colours are really bright. Can't wait to see finished articles.