Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colours galore

Caution Photo Heavy.....
This week is going to feel very change as the oldest son and Hubby have flown away to Sydney for Son No 1 to compete in the Monster BMX Games there on Australia Day.They went early as Son convinced Hubby that he wanted to get some practise in before the big day! In theory this is great but yesterday they found out that BMXers only had short session times where they could use the facility anyway(tonight its 6 to 10) in the big city I would question even my H in being out there!So far a basic motel room without aircon. on arrival hasn't made for a good start!

A bit sh**ty about H going really as I had planned to go with S and leave him with his team(so he was with a group) and go out to Dubbo to see my Nan who I have been told by family there, is going down hill(shes in her 80's) and now I can't see myself getting over for at least till end of year when I will have the whole family to contend with.Besides I would loved( for envy) to be there to support him and cheer him on....

Trying to yarn with Nanna about the family history that so far she has only told me about(bugger I didn't have a recorder ) with at least 5 bored boys is not going to happen. Funny thing is that H tried to get me to take his place a week after my boss went on holidays and it was impossible to organise leave(lost my assistant in that same time span) and HE even tried again on the way to airport,I had the clothes I was standing in? God Men!
Me being the usual "get the best out of time" thought he could have organised the cement for the verandahs in that time off from work(staying with kids had I gone that is) as he has declared that he will lose more holiday days hes acrued when I was going to fly over! He even declared that He is not staying here with the boys and will take them off for a trip somewhere while Im gone.Now I am stuck here with boys as for:
1 I have to work
2 I don't trust my car to get us anywhere worth going to anyway!
Well I have had my whinge! I might come back at a later stage and wipe it but for now it makes me feel better to say something..........
The one thing on the horizon is the promise of getting a new wheel called the Victoria by Louet
for just under $1000 landed here its a far dream considering I now have to budget for a loan extention,house reno's,new kitchen etc but if I can put the money away I will reveiw if I really want it what ever the result I will have successfully saved a goodly amount of dollars
Well, heres some knitting content....I mean wool content..

From this ...

To this!

A close up,a lovely soft colour and feel, I love BFL....

This is some wool angora that have dyed in raspberry,mushroom and I think oak,I used this colour way before and its amazing how different fibre takes up the dye in a different ways!The roving came from the Bendigo Woollen Mills I was able to visit 3 years ago,love to go again!!

All of the above is for my Spin to Knit Secret Pal and I am really having a hard time parting with the angora hank!!!Hope she loves it like I do!
I was also able to do the last of the Panda Wool that I across in the LWS that had been discounted.A five ply in white with nearly two hundred metres on the label!

This is dyed with food dyes and its super bright! A pair of socks for me as its a bit coarse to be gift stuff!Any suggestions for a pattern?

There are numerous projects on the go as per usual and more on the horizon,it stops me getting bored.... ! have to, in the next little while, complete Bday pressies for Nanna and Aunty,two pair of socks for work associates(though one will be lucky to get them if there is a change in attitude,office politics and so on) and a pair for another dear friend, I haven't planned a colourway yet but with oddles of BFL sitting there I won't have any trouble finding the material!

I am building up stocks of dye so the colour choice will be better!

Ok I am off to the pool to sit in my new folding chair and knit while kids play,I asked H to get it from Bunnings last trip while he was busy a fortune buying tools like cement floats etc . I suspect the injuries sustained while covering for my supervisor early last year when she found she was expecting, are coming home to roost so to speak! Disc damage I think,lifting heavy weights and moving a ute load of wet sand is finally starting to impinge on the nerves.I could barely move last weekend and this week was agony,especially with the ammount of work that had to be done with school ,so glad the new assistant has started,shes a treasure......


  1. good luck to your boy ..husbands can be painful at times can't they ? (LOL )
    the green and pink skein is rather gorgeous ..well done .

  2. Great shots of your son!

    I was visiting for Green Thumb Sunday but I'm not sure if you're playing any more or not. Can you please let me know?

  3. Great bmx pics!
    I love your spinning and the colors are great.