Monday, January 22, 2007


I arrived home from work at 1.35 pm,yep managed to avoid being sucked into helping a tradesman find keys for a job he left til my knock off time to arrive!

  • played with the new steam mop,its fun,don't think the floors have been this clean for a long time

  • quickly tidied up what dear no3 son hadn't done

  • grabbed a drink and headed for the computor to se if there was anything interesting!

  • one mistake,I left some wool sitting on bed from last night,new sock started as I checked email,

  • Mistake no 2,took another project bag to pool,where I started another one(I was actually working,shhhh,had sprinklers on at Kindy across the road from pool,do one 20 min pattern repeat,shift hose{retic control box died and haven't been game to put new one in yet}..
  • probably the biggest one is me sitting in bed with my cuppa before sleep and looking at me is 240 litres of yarn,you know I can see all the colours,I don't count sheep,no....balls...of wool of course,LOL

Anyhow this is result...

Forgive the squiggly lines,I also learnt to edit pictures so my notes didn't go world wide,thats if many people read this,LOL

The sock is in Holiday a lovely pale dusty blue witha tan tweed affect through it, the pattern is the ribby one from Cleckheatons site and Im adding two cables down the side.

On top of these projects I also started another sock in Stretch Regia,love it, and if I recall,Lynne over at Yarnivorous knitted it in Meridan? and gave it to the lady who hosted them on their stay.I fell for the colour and did a search and it was mine!!!!!

The washcloth(can't call them dish cloth) is in a lovely varigated blue,yellow white Sugar n Cream that was part of a box I bought from an Ebay lady in the States(going back there shortly)

The pattern is one that I found recently and will add as a link when have a bit more time,its intrigued me and with no picture,I managed to conquer it by instruction alone(those who know me ,know that I often need diagram/pictures of finished item so I can read instructions) H claims I am dyslectic and colour blind,uh,WTF!!!!

Anyhow,its sitting there as I speak waiting for me to undo back three rows where a lonely st was accidently left behind.......I don't feel guiltly at all with these new projects,ha ha ha ha .......


  1. That is a very pretty washcloth! (not a dishcloth) I am a very visual person, myself, and I can't learn anything by reading story problems, or whatever. I've decided to embrace it and make people do it my way. =-) Startitis in January seems like a great way to brighten things up!

  2. aslyjbThanks for your comment. The yarn that I used for the sock is Lana Grossa Cotton Fantasy (45% Cotton, 42% Virgin Wool & 13% Polyamid). The color is 803. It's a really nice yarn to knit with & the socks feel so comfortable. You can view more colors at

  3. Ooh, secret notes! hehe

    That washcloth is pretty! I'd like to try it. Cant' wait to see your sock. :)