Saturday, January 27, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday

This is what I was up to last Sunday!

These are Cymbidium orchids that were originally in a large pot with many bulbs either dying or on their last legs!

I divided them up using the old general rule of a leader bulb with a shooting new one and at least two to three old bulbs to back up. I even potted up any that still had colour just in case there was chance they could shoot too(I can't stand to through out plants If the is a chance of survival).

Now I am waiting eagerly to see if they(any that is show signs of sprouting new roots .I used an orchid growing mix that came as a bale that was mixed with water in barrow to expand it to 60 lites worth of potting mix)It has fertiliser added but really when instructions say to pour off excess water,where was this soluable fert go? I made sure it was the bare patches of the lawn,and its really taking off,LOL.

This is my other half of the growing orchid collection that I am acquiring in anticipation of an out door court yard that will lead from my lounge through a future glass slide door. Its a large window now so it won't be hard.I intend it will be enclosed either end(its at present where the car is parked) with shade cloth frame and a few sheets of green fibre glass over door way to protect against rain (though rare here). A private hide away where I can enjoy the few plants that I collected with my morning cuppa(in a pot of course!) and are presently not happy where I am "boarding" them !!I digress.

These orchids are : two front ones ,again cymbidiums,a pink and a yellow one picked up as babies from Bunnings, repotted with others but with the more expensive humous style mix(no fert!) and the rest I bought from a Queensland grower last winter,"Florafest".

The others I think are Oncidiums,Miltonias and I think a Beallara,.these have arange of colours and are relatively small growing vigorous flowering types.I try not to visit their site too much as I see another I want!!!

In addition I hope to add some high coloured Bromellaids and a few ferns,I have always loved maiden hair ferns adn would love to have afew rabbits foot ferns as well,the list goes on......

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  1. Oh, good for you! What a great way to spend a Sunday. I'm jealous of your green thumb! I'm still learning how not to kill my houseplants...