Friday, February 02, 2007

Something done

I haven't been sitting around doing nothing this past little while ,a long time since posting anything knitty but have been spinning.
The CPH is stalled as I have as usual too many little things going and also its been hot to the point I think Ive sustained heat exhaustion even though I didn't feel so bad while working.Abdominal pains sharp headaches,nausia,exhaustion etc.Its been hard to even drag myself out of bed each day at 4.10am,so glad its the weekend. Booked into doctor ,a lovely lady one in Kal but on my day off which is 3 weeks away,Ill be either over it or whatever.
We had a threat of 47' this week,Random Knits said I wouldn't get any sympathy from her,she doesn't have Aircon,poor Twinkie....LOL,I work in 43' heat so to come home to a hot house? It may explain how unwell I have felt this week,though I understand that coastal areas don't have the need for this luxury?
The boys are home,a bit of drama here and there.My airconditioner died,burnt motor,smells as usual of buggered wires(been through this a few times),Hubby flew home Sat,fixed it in an hour even with jet lag!
Son 1 stayed in Sydney ON HIS OWN,my baby,stressed I was, and come Sunday evening recieved a call,even more stressed MUM,don't worry "Im ok" was the message from payphone,"lost my phone,had to evacuate motel with Mates as we got into blew with some Le#*@*#@ Gangsters who tried to knock off a bmx bike worth over 3 grand.We won Mum but had to go into hiding,see Ya airport Monday night! Oh you should see the view Mum!" He could see the harbour bridge and bay from the phone.......A sleepless night!
At Airport Monday evening picture me,sitting knitting a sock with Hubby giving a running commentry on the time,20 mins, 15 mins, 10 mins,5mins,then knitting shoved unceremoniously into bag,didn't lose any sts though, walk briskly to door to get the best veiw of jet passenger ramp,and try not to bite other 4 boys heads off as they jostle around, and break into tears as No 1 son walks nonchantly towards us,I felt like an idiot but we didn't know if he made it to board in the first place and we had no way to contact him.For a 17yr old his had an education on life away from a quiet country town.
Thank god Hubby gave him a look at what goes on in a city like Sydney,late nights at shopping malls brings out the gangster including ethic ones,drug pushers needlers looking for a hit,you name it.Hes super glad to be home and Hubby admitted later he was sooking too and NO 1 son nearly sooked with us,I think I did enough for all three of us.The other boys just wanted to know the details of what happened,boys...... From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the lovely people who took my son into their home and ensuring that he made it to the airport.....
Now back to normal knitting/spinning news.....

These are a mix of dyed rovings and the last is a bobbin of BFL that I am currently plying with tussah silk.What I will do with this I have no idea as its very soft! Maybe I will dye it too as the silk will add a sheen to the finished yarn,I may have to do another bobbin to have enough for a project.Any ideas what I could do with this type of yarn,I should have around 180m....and about a 6 to 8ply but being so soft I won't know its tension til a swatch is done!
And Weekend reading,haven't peeked yet!


  1. Oh,my gosh, I'd have been an emotional wreck, too! I'm so glad your son made it back, where you can keep an eye on him. Loveling soft yarn! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  2. Drink lots of fluids.

    Phew! Glad your boy is back. I'd be pulling out my hair with worry.