Saturday, February 24, 2007

A little spinning

This last week has probably been the best Ive had for a while,the new 5.30am start has been better for me (though the 2pm finish hasn't been so good) I have learnt to manage my chores so as to have the regulation 30mins lunch break at 1pm and that allows me to actually use the remaining 30mins to clean up equipment and fuel up the cans ready to start next day.its amazing how long it can take to put hoses away etc.
I have managed to finish the ''pink lemonade"roving that I ve been working for the last fortnight,the name was given for want of something to call it and that just cameto mind!! LOL ,I have photos but as DH has been fiddling with computors, I am drafting this first on my Xmas pressie, the laptop. Heres Fluffa checking out the fibre goods,he hopped up onto the chair beside me and climbed over for a sticky beak,seems to love my ratty old dressing gown(wouldn't normally appear but Fluffas the star not me!)
It means I can't as yet access the photos I took as I didn't want to store them on this computor as the rest on on the main one,so I will just type away and add later!
I've joined the My First Top Ups and have picked out some lovely BFL that I dyed in sombre sort of colours. I must be ready for Autumn as I seem drawn to those tones.
Speaking of which I had some raw(white) roving up on Ebay namely,
Masham,Shetland and Cheviot and before that ,BlueFaced Leicester ,
noone seemed interested ,I thought as they were rare /not available here in Aussie that some spinner out there would be interested! Maybe if I dyed some.I wasn't really out to make any money just to allow others to try what is available elsewhere.
As said in last post Im planning to get some Icelandic roving too and have found a good suppler in the States.Its supposed to be pretty good so when it arrives I will give my opinion of its spinworthyness!
Sort of thinking of joining the SP 10 this year mainly because its fun to send goodies as well as recieve them, anyone joined before?This year I intend to drag DH off to the local Policemens Ball which is held here i Kambalda each year as part of Bluey Day whic in this town was started in memory of Katie Karafilis who died of a childhood cancer a few years ago.Kamblada has managed to raise a lot of money in previous years and most of the time the highest in the state due to local efforts!
this year I have plans,The top is fine,a fitted black lace sleeveless round neck top,the shoes are called foxtrot and nicely match any ball room flings we may try,the skirt,well I have a short multilayered hankercheif style one so i am thinking of making something similiar in black chiffon,something floatly.
Now as it will be in May it will most likely be freezing and Im afraid that warmth is important ,as a teenager, fashion was more important than comfort but not now,LOL
which brings me to deciding to make either a shrug or a lacy sort of wrap,found the wrap just need to decide on what colour..... a rich wine colour,a cream or go classic in all black set, off with a bit of classy jewellry,hmm a shrug still looks good...
Maybe if I knit the wrap in a fine mohair or alpacca with a bit of sparkle running through it! I even wondered about a flapper style which means stick to the skirt already at home in cupboard and add a dropwaist top ,either way I get to knit the wrap!!!!!
Anyway this week end has been busy,particularly today as I have been trying to clean up my garden,its cool and this morning a bit drizzly but DH announced some Seed Savers were coming around to get some seeds from his stash so i had to quickly run up some cake for morning tea,for which i am still waiting for them to arrive(well after lunch)
It has also meant I am still in garden clothes ,no sign of a Nanna nap going to happen(read book ) and at this time no fibre happenings either. Oh well theres always next weekend,bugger DHs on night shift.....

PS my latest yarn stash enhancer $ 3 a ball, on special at Kmart,got ten to do a bell sleeve cardie style jacket out of a Studio Mohair book found at Kmart again a little while ago,kicking myself for not also grabbing some white Silk as well....

And a bit of weekend reading....


  1. Awww, look at Fluffa!!! :)

    Random Knits

  2. That rabbit is very cute .. the yarn is a fanciful colour( in a good way !)
    NO takers on the rovings ..that suprises me .. I thought it would get snapped up .
    I too go with warm over style ..mind you I like to look good ......There are quite a few floaty ,nice, over the shoulder "things" out there ..good luck choosing !!
    better get knitting /sewing

  3. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Ok, I can't resist...I tried though - can you please put my name on the 3 lots of roving....and the Icelandic too if you were going to share when it arrives?
    I LOVE my BFL that I got from you....very, very noice!

  4. The spinning is gorgeous!!

    Cute Fluffa!