Saturday, February 10, 2007

The first parcel has arrived

I went to the post office to pick up the box! Theres another story in why our parcel are not delivered to the door!

Anyway! Inside this box is the most gorgeously soft baby alpacca yarn spun for me by my
Spin to Knit Pal who will not reveil herself until the next parcel arrives sometime in February!This is so exciting to see the spinning efforts of someone else, I haunt those blogs who spin, for ideas not only for supplies, but for techniques (even though I appear to be stuck in my own way of doing things)

Inside the box with this ever so soft,(I can't believe how buttery it feels), alpacca is a beautiful butterfly that you can light up,its taken residence in the African violet pot on window ledge!And a cut glass bottle to strike cuttings in, its decorated with lots of beads and flowering beads as well!Sorry its not a great piccy its lovely yellow that won't standout clearly against the cleanest thing in my house at moment,my table!
This Pal must have been checking my journal out to get it so right!

Heres a close up of the yarn, it has around 115 yards and I am thinking hard of what I can knit with it to show up the soft nature and beautiful dove grey colour,a pair of Fetching with maybe some beads? Maybe I should seek out some roving to match so I can spin a bit of contrast and that will open up some possibilities! A friend I showed it to was under its spell as well,even though shes not a knitter as such(she can but doesn't have time),she suggested I just knit a square with it to hold and cuddle!!!
Thank you so much Secret Pal, I am so looking forward to what you are spinning up next,from somewhere in California!
Edit,I sent my spun goodies to this lady! It was hard to part with them but I think she likes my efforts!!!!


  1. Very nice yarn! Love catching up on your life at that end of the world.... :)

  2. I loved your yarn!!!!! Thanks so much . I have it out where I can pass it by frequently and contemplate what to make. Will keep you posted.