Saturday, February 17, 2007


Haven't really got much to show,still spinning some dyed BFL top that I dyed with red yellow and pink,looks almost pink lemonade,don't know why it came to mind but when I finish plying I will show it off and ask for an opinion!
Not much knitting,too busy spinning in the only free time I have at moment,have to find the BFL that I have spun up for the Toe Up's , its knows I have to ball it up and being quite fine its going to tangle!!!!
Wow,saw news a short while ago(internet of course) Britney Spears has a new Tattoo....are we all so bored we want to know that!
On the work front ,things are looking a bit better,the boss has agreed to our starting time of 5.30am which means we(or I) finish at 2 pm now and just enough time for 30mins approx peace before th boys arrive home from school or to grab a bit of grocery shopping,now we all know kids and wallets don't match when it come to the budget grocery shopping!!I was starting at 5am and it was starting to really tell on me,I literally died on the bed fora anhour when the kids got home,the house was starting to fall a part.This last week has been better,its marvellous what an extra 30mins shuteye can do....
I really thought we were going to be in for a bit of a rough time with the new admin for various reasons including a previous employed person there leaving and being friends with some admin put me on guard to the point I was and maybe still looking at a different position elsewhere! Its so much relief to get a laugh and a smile from an admin person who could have very easily made it hard !
So hilarious on Thursday! I was removing some so called eco mulch that was donated to the school last year from a display bed near admin,I was wearing safety sunglasses the type that really seal around eyes and being hot was actually filled with sweat and it would dribble down my cheek as I spoke(the glasses would lift up my cheek and break seal ) Now my immediate boss came to speak to me about issues that the Big boss had raised and it could have been difficult for all of us and he tends to chop and change,anyhow to cut story short, she was telling me the latest and how I had to go see him....well she saw"tears" rolling down my cheeks and was alarmed that I was stressing.... I think it has worked in my favour LOL
I have come to the opinion that I have alot of roving to spin so have sacrficed a bit on Ebay in part to help pay for the post of the whole lot and to allow me to seek some more rare fibres from the states.I doubt even my mild mannered other Half will see my facination if any Quivet or Buffallo finds its way here but there are other interesting ones out there.
I aim to buy a little extra and put it up on the famous ebay again to help pay the post but also to allow other spinners to try a bit with out the problems of getting it here.Im at a point where I would rather start another blog like Yarnivorous has with her dyed yarn but I wondered if Blogspot might cut up a bit rough about any commercial ventures.
Maybe if I mention when I have some stuff and its details. That might work for people to contact me and work on from there,hmmmmm,I will think about it,feel free to comment!

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  1. She thought you were crying? Hope the job things work out great for you!

    You forgot to say Brit. shaved her head. People really need to get hobbies. Like knitting. hehe