Friday, February 02, 2007

The Truck Came

This morning bright and early by a Saturdays standard, The big red truck came,and after much sweat and careful working over we have a verandah!

Son No 1 leaning against the post not looking forward to the days work,hes been ill,picked up a bug in Sydney and this was his first good day,until Dad put him to work!

Hubby went to Kalgoorlie this week and bought all his tools as we have heaps of work to do!

The final aim is to have the house ready to sell for a goodly amount so we have the chioce to move to anothe rarea if need be.Where I can't think, as its getting expensive everywhere and after paying $45000 for this Shell ,we have been told it could be valued at $15000 plus if the market stays this good.I would like to look at Armidale.NSW but with drought theres no water and with that probably low work possibilities.This area has a high average wage around the $80 000 mark,to leave here now is to loose income as well. With two boys 3 years and 5 yrs away from Uni,they look like wanting Science degrees,we have to start planning now.....

And here is the almost finished work and Hubby is sitting with it,a beer in one hand and a hose in other hand to stop it going off,he does assure me that it can be walked on tonight but I reckon a week,LOL, we've waited long enough,Im not taking a chance that its ruined now!

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  1. Cathy, my hubby's from Armidale and speaking with his Dad recently, the drought has not affected Armidale "city" as much, and it's quite green and businesses are doing well, etc. The surrounding area's seem ok, too. It's well worth a look. it's 6 or so hours to Sydeny and 6 to Brisbane so if the kids don't go to UNE, you have those choices.
    (oh, and it snows in winter!!)