Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another hint?

One of you who commented is close to the mark,I will post photos shortly but this the last hint!

*it goes round and round..........

It s really hot today,I went with DH to deliver the schools Ride On Mower to the shop in Kal for repairs and service.The ute had no air conditioner and being a bit ancient it was also slow!
He still has the two way radio so we heard a truckie go crook at our speed and when we pulled over to let them pass,we were abused again for apparently throwing rocks!!! I have my only two Uncles as truckies and they do long k,s so Im not ignorant at the conditions that they operate under. These were just cowboys as they were speeding as well!
Well Iv had my winge,
Happy Valentines everyone!
@>)<------ @>)<------ @>)<----- @>)<----- @>)<----- @>)<------ @<)>----


  1. Louet! I think. I'm assuming it's a spinning wheel, but I'm not very familiar with those either, despite the fact that I own one!

  2. Mmmm A spinning wheel. Too bad I've been so busy, I'm just catching up.

    Show us a picture! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day back at 'cha!!

  3. Love your roses !
    IS it a spindle ......?
    Cowboy truckies are the worst .. arseholes on earth !!excuse the language .