Friday, December 01, 2006


I managed to get some photos this week that I can post for the GTS so at least I can participate this week!!!
Last Sunday I was too busy doing my Resume,and everything was put on hold! Even the housework though I issued instructions to the boys to do a bit which actually worked as the house wasn't too bad!!!!

Hydrangeas, this a blue one that was donated by Woollies last year to the school and although there were originally 8 only this one and a pink one survived.Its a nice size and I hope it will gain some height this summer as the frost didn't touch it during winter.

There was a pink one but the light wasn't very good to get it just right and it didn't produce flowers as nice as the blue one.I am thinking of getting the soil tested in around both plants as they close but separated by cement walkway.The blue plants soil wasn't touched,the head gardener at time just planted it with some soil wetter but the pink one was treated with manure and soil improver that I added at the time of planting. It will be interesting to see how the colours bare up( if they survive next winter as the last was warmer than normal but there were a couple of black frosts that the lawns are only just recovering)

Lookey here I did take a photo of the pink one but as I said it didn't flower as well but at least the bush is fairly healthy and may do something later.

This week they will get a liquid feed of magic grow to boost them,interesting to see how they go with that.

This is the bed that the blue hydrangea shares with some tiger cannas so that has probably helped to protect them from the heat and the frosts.

Well thats my entry for this sunday and now I have to work on my own garden!!!!


  1. i love hydrangeas ..i cant grow them here ..

  2. I planted hydrangeas this summer and I am anxious to see how they do through the winter! They bloomed really nice and I hope they grow bigger this next spring!

    Yours are very nice and I like the two colors! I will have to play with the feed to see what colors I can make my bloom in!


  3. Winter here and you have Hydrangeas growing there!