Friday, November 24, 2006


I managed to get a reasonable sleep in or a doze in but I felt much better! I resisted the urge to get up to make sure my oldest made it to work at 6,I thought it would be good if he could fend for himself too.Poor DH has had to buy his usual bacon and egg burger at the BP and in saying usual I think he has been running late plus my cooking efforts lately has made this a pretty true comment . The kids think their throats are cut as there haven't been any cakes or biccies either!!
I have finished the basic cleaning but as usual it probably wouldn't pass muster for some as I have two good friends who don't care as they are true friends even if their homes look great!! I use the excuse that we are renovating!!!
I actually managed to get a couple of piccies.....

This is the possum merino that I spun up a couple of weeks ago,its quite soft and pumped up after it was washed. It was on the nose and I was not going to knit anything with it until that had been fixed.
A close up of the twist which has some variation in it ,but I'm happy and will start something with it after the Xmas stuff is out of the way.I'm thinking of a beanie with a cable or two.....

This is the Irish Walking Scarf that I started at the pool(I do not swim unless it is 45') waiting for the boys to have a cool off. The wool is 'Sensatation' an angora/wool mix that is nice to work with and fluffs up a fair bit after its worked.I like it but wouldn't knit a sweater in it as I think it would be too warm but scarves etc ,wonderful (at around $6 a ball it would be an expensive jumper). This is about 30 mins work though interrupted as always by curious onlookers who lately, have been girls trying to get to know me for the sake of my good looking oldest son,LOL.....

This scarf is for our 4th sons teacher who has done afantastic job of teaching him this year as he has learning disability under the High Functioning Autism umbrella.When she started in the second term he was still in kindy to preprimary level of reading though she reckoned he had less than that in skill. Now he is going into year 5 next year but hes at year 3 reading level and she has started him on the schools readers to give him a chance next year and issued instructions to us to pass onto the succeeding teacher that he's not do tests in a test situation but rather be evaluated during normal daily work! I think I will have afight on our hands as depending on the nature of the new teacher some do not take kindly to "interferance "in their teaching methods.Hopefully the Principal will reamin the same and he is very for parent interest.This teacher specialized in Auditory Memory and children with the problems that No 4 has.Thats why I am really trying to get this finished.

These the nearly finished mittens from Knitty, these are going No 4 s aide that helps him and the class where needed.She has been with him for just over a year and I had made a ribbed scarf last Xmas so I thoughtI would make matching coloured mittens for her.....Very quick but its findng time to actually sit and get them done.
Lastly a little herptology to finish(hope thats spelt right)!
A lovely little blue Blind snake, a Ramphotytyphlops australis, blueish because he is loosing his skin.
We rescued him from school as they all thought it was a venomous snake and really freaked! Should have seen their faces(teachers and staff not students,we don't want them to copy and pick up bities) when we handled it.The same went for a desert banded snake ,non venomous,of course and my "snake expert" son knew what it was and dived into the bucket to hold it in excitement. Never the less I gave him a talk about showing off in front of others who may try to copy him.
We have a few snakes turning up at school as its so dry and we do have afew mice popping up here and now too so thats bringing them in.
Only two w eeks of school and its been hot,40' on Thursday ,so am looking forward to the holidays so I can change my routine to do hard labour jobs in the early morning instaed of blowing the grounds.
Thats it for now I have to go and set up my new reticulation for the front of house (my DH is leaving me to do that and has said I..I mean Me....Myself is the expert on such things as this, can't believe it,I will take that as compliment as he is the one to take that title in this house.....)


  1. Mine is going into Grade Five next year, they must be a similar age. His reading level is now more or less right for his age but it took a LONG TIME for that to happen. We are already having conniptions about High School, what about you?

  2. I have had enough trouble with my "smart "(in all forms )7 yr old and a lazy teacher with whom we had many problems, to be able to understand in a small way how appreciative you are of this teacher .
    The scarf will be just lovely sure .
    'mM gobsmacked at the snake ..I have never anything as metallic looking as it .
    Good luck wit hall the knitting (

  3. Your spinning and knitting look so nice! The gifts will most definitely be loved.

    I know what you mean about the girls wanting to talk because of good looking sons. LOL!

    The blue of that snake is gorgeous. We have a blue snake here (Michigan, US) that is poisonous, and really big. That one is kind of cute, but I'll still leave the handling of it to someone else.

  4. You did a really nice job spinning the possum merino. The scarf and the mitts are looking good too. And what a cute little snake.