Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free at last free I tell you.....

Well I managed to sort of finish the resume,I am pleased with it but will be thrilled if its good enough to keep my job....Government jobs are so full of how to do it their way.You simply can't put what you can do and a work history ,its all about criteria and adressing it corresctly with the right amount of SAO s.

Anyway I have a great person at work who can do these blind folded and she has graciously offered to help polish it up a bit with a date to do word sleuth next Monday after lunch and as I have asked heaps of her and her time(shes actually using some DOT time to do this) that I feel very guilty and want o repay her with a small gesture.I can't see myself whipping up a pair of socks in a week though I could try!!!!! Any suggestions!!!!!!

I have nearly finished a pair of pink mittens in Sensation, started an Irish hiking Scarf for the firts teacher who has been able to get my Autistic,(high functioning) to read and I am writing a beaut letter of commendation to district office and all but as she went hiking in Tassie last holiday (on her own) this pattern should suit!!!!!

I have to do two, no, three tea cosies out of the Simply knitting Mag for my Boss,and two wonderful friends, a pair of socks(thick ones they are quik) for a sort of friend (only because I promised them ages ago when we were good working friends(we won't go into that here,never know whos reading)

There my online friends you can see what I have to do in this time.I always give myself tasks and then push to get it done!!!!

Oh another thing on list!!!! a latch hook rug,around 90 x 65 cm of a white tiger peering out of bushes,this was supposed to go to an collegue who loves anything tiger and connot find a tiger rug,I can do around 3 inches a sitting,do the maths,not much hope by Chrissy!!!!!!!!!
But dispite this panick I am so full of relief,my garden is calling along with the freedom to cook goodies,take kids to pool,sew(must do No 4 quilt,Mums Quilt,start looking at Dads quilt,hes looking like getting sick again) and knit and of course Spinnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

I am posting this dribble and will be back with piccies(as promised before......


  1. You sound busy, busy, busy! Good luck with it all!

  2. Gee ..my wrists hurt just reading your list of 'to do's.
    Good luck with it !! .
    Resumes are a pain aren't they ..you get it perfect and then it all changes again ...Grrrrr