Saturday, November 04, 2006

Its Sunday again...I have been slack with piccies but hopefully if I can get some work done on resume I will have time to do them!
I have started a pair of mittens for a special friend for Xmas and still have heaps of other gifts to make,at least it hasn't been too hot yet,otherwise I will be doing a lot of quick shopping!
Green Thumbers

Heres my contribution.......

The first on left is a veiw of a group of natives in a garden bed in full flower,mostly bottle brush with a few like disomas scattered through them.There is a small gardenia but its under cover.At the back there some grevilleas and melaluccas that have flowered at a later stage!

The second one is a bed just developed and was the original spot for the roses I showed recently.The area was dug over and replanted with shasta daisies,mass planted with petunias and in among them are the original society garlic.It has proved very popular and has recieved many comments on the colours!This was an earlier photo so it has much more visual colour now!!!Garlic to the left and shasta to the right,I love these as they are hardy and will put on a display with no real problem though regular inspection for aphids in among the daisies is recommended!!!!

We have a long week shifting that mulch around to where it was needed the most and of course there a massive down pour of rain including hail on Tuesday (that got me out of going to the pool with the kids!!) and I reckoned there was at least 40 to 50 mm though one person measured 35mm on the other side of town.There was a lot of water going down our street.......


  1. Pretty flower pictures! I would have been miffed at missing the pool. Of course, I love it as much as the kids. hehe

  2. I like the combo of shasta daisy and society garlic .. Its not one i would have thought of but it looks good .
    Arent bottle brush good and reliable .theress one for every spot .

  3. Very nice! I like the shasta daisy but have mo luck with them. They always rot on me! But your bottle brush is just beautiful! Great photos!

    Blossoming Heart Capture

  4. Really beautiful pictures. That's an awesome bottlebrush! *whistles* I've never seen them like that before, that big.

    I do envy you your nice weather.....

    Mrs Lifecruiser

  5. I haven't had any luck with shasta daisies either but I'm happy to see that you are doing well with them. The garden beds are lovely.j

    All that hard work you did through the week moving soil is going to be worth it.

  6. Hey Cathie, your gardens at school look great, Bottle brush are so lovely when in flower. You must be so proud when you see your work in such wonderful bloom.