Saturday, October 28, 2006

Its Sunday!!!!

yep its here again,and this is my first piccy as I am so totally pleased with it that I had to show it off...
now it doesn't look much, but this what it was carrying.....

Mulch! wonderful mulch...(sing a little ditty)

Isn't it just so yummy!!!!Lots of sticks though as its from Eucalypt stumps I think from the clearing in Kal where the new town dam is being built!

This was delivered last Thursday to the school as part of a donation from a company specialising in garden soils etc.The lovely Principal has given me full use of that pile( which doubled overnight) to apply as I wished to the school garden beds as I see fit....boy its like Christmas,i have been battling soil problems for a while and this will see a lot of water saved (and money too)

This a view of a row of nearly mature Alyogyne huegelii,a lovely hardy native hibiscus.I noticed that if left a bit dry it will flower much more profusely but it is a very green ,almost unnaturaly green as compared to a lot of other natives!
Heres a close up of the bush,a bit blurry but the wind was moving the bush about and after dropping my camera a few weeks ago it doesn't focus a well...
A better look at these gorgeous flowers on a small plant that is planted to the left in first photo!

As requested by several fello Green Thumbers, this is a close up of the Fire Embers plant I featured last week,again a bit fuzzy but you can see the typical Grevillea flowers!

Well thats it for the Green thumb,

To the kniting side I have recieved all my Blue Faced Leicster roving all 2 kg and it is gorgeous to feel but I get the opinon that the English mills are a bit odd with the milling as it smells distictly of sheep pee so it will be aired a LOT before I start spinning(at least I will have the house to myself,LOL)

Secondly I have finished the first sleeve of the Central Park Hoodie(I had to fog the two as I got the needles mixed up and wasn't sure what I used!)

ThirdlyI am lusting after this....louet its lighter than the Ashford Joy,I could take it anywhere.....

PS picies next time......


  1. New dirt! Yay!
    Have a great Sunday and I enjoyed reading your GTS :)

  2. Wow new dirt! How cool! We have red clay here and it really clumps! The flower is really pretty!

    I have just taken up knitting! I am still practicing my knit and purl. Hope to do some simple scarves for gifts!

    Happy Sunday!
    Blossoming Heart Capture

  3. A full truck of soil delivered.. what a gift hehe. No really, it's always nice to read the story behind the picture.. and you've certainly done that. Happy Sunday!


  4. IYou must be in heaven with all that new soil to play with! It should help all the plants at the school.

    The flowers are lovely.

  5. new soil ..oh , i thought it was mulch !(oopps)
    i really like the native hibiscus in the picture .

  6. Well done Cathy..looks lovely.

  7. I can almost smell that beautiful mulch. I think mulch sales have gone through the roof all over Australia. I know I've never bought so much. I think we are in for a very long hot summer. Have nice week.