Sunday, October 22, 2006

Green Thumb Sunday

If you like,its going to be fun!!!!
Heres my first piccy for Green Thumb Sunday!

This is Fire Embers Grevillea,lovely little flowering ground cover,one of the last plants I procured for school for this year, as my budget is getting low.This Grevillea is worth growing for the flowers and I like ground covers as they help protect their neighbours from drying out too much!Not only that ,it has flowered continuelly for the last two months since being planted, with more buds coming!A close up photo of flowers would be handy so wil try to get that later!

Now this is my knitting blog but the Green Thumb has put this site as the main one to participate! So for knitting content,well it will just be on other days!!!!


  1. That's certainly one to look for in the fight against ever-drier gardens. Looks lovely, and I'd really like to see a close up shot.

    Welcome to GTS.

  2. Unfortunately, I have the exact opposite of a green thumb!!

    Random Knits

  3. That does look like an interesting ground cover. A close up shot would be great! I love ground cover that is attractive and this sure does fit that!

    Welcome to the group. Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

    Blossoming Heart Capture

  4. Interesting plant! Welcome to Green Thumb Sunday...I'm sure you'll enjoy it :))

  5. I'm pleased to see that you decided to join the green thumb sunday :-)Warmth welcome!

    I like ground cover plants, they're so very practical...


  6. That is really interesting.

    I have green thumb and knits in myblog, even in the same post today!

  7. I don't think we have that kind of plant here in Canada. It looks very interesting. How far does one plant spread out?

    BTW your other site can be your GTS page, just let me know. :)

  8. I love our native plants, that is really nice, I must see if I can find one here as I need desperately to plant ground covers.

  9. Joining the crowd on wanting a close up....

  10. Pretty. Too bad for me, I have the opposite of the green thumb, too. Like Donna, I guess.

  11. Green Thumb?? I kill weeds!!!

  12. Grevilleas are really great except they often exceed the stated growth limits. We have a huge one out the front that supposed to be a small bush.