Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well not now ,Hubby found it where the kids had been so good and cleaned up,they put it where I wouldn't have found it for eons.
I actually emailed The Wool Shack to ask if they had anymore copys but luckily for me having found mine,they had sold out!
Thanks heaps to those who offered the pattern/book! There are some wonderful peoples out there!
I am really desperate!
IN the morning rush this morning (at 4.30) I somehow mislaid my copy of Knitscene Fall 2006 which had the Central Park Hoodie pattern in it! Does anyone know of a stockist online( in Australia) where I may buy another copy,this pattern is the only one I will do in it, so it seems expensive to buy another and not just cut losses, but its an easy and comfortable cardie!
I checked The Wool Shack and sent them an email as it wasn't on their magazine list,bugger so it may be sold out!
Anyone out there have an idea?
I have looked everywhere but its vanished!!!!!but will keep looking anyway!!


  1. Cathy, I've sent you an email re the pattern!! I can help!!!!

  2. I can't help, but I hope you work it out!!

  3. Hi Cathy
    Received your package today!!! THANKS! Hugz! They are georgous... don't think i will bear to use any of them...Yes, when I saw your name on the package, I had this feeling I knew your name from somewhere... Hahaha...silly me...Keep in Touch :))

  4. Don't worry Cathy, that green dishcloth is still lovely ... Its the thought that counts :)))

  5. I'm not much help Cathy, but I found out repeatedly that when I buy the same thing I lost, 90% of the time, the other one shows up. And yep, I keep a tally. :)

  6. Glad you found that pattern. I hate it when that happens to me.