Sunday, October 08, 2006

This week!

I have been busy at work through the holidays,The sports oval had to be cut down with the whipper snipper while the assistant was hand mowing as the clover got away after the ride on mower lost a spring .It has just been fixed with the generous help of DH as I couldn't have got it on with my hands not being strong enough(thoratic syndrome is also giving me gip and the large ammounts of spinning I have been doing isn't helpling either!)!I owe big time there now.......(DH loves to have me in debt)..
At home the kids have been doing the house work each day so they had a good time with their extra pcket money in Kal on Thursday!
I have nearly finished the second sleeve to the CPH and anticipate that tommorrow during my break after we mow the school lawns...
The spinning wheel has been going all weekend with the Moody blue wool spun and plied(bought that months ago from Hawthorne Cottage) and have started on some Possum wool fromNew Zealand(DH has nick named it Possum twat fluff to which I retorted that he will be wearing it as a beanie next winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The Possum is verry felty on the bobbin and I suspect it will give me some trouble plying as the Ertoel Wheel is fast and you have to have your wits about you and quick to boot...
Today has been very cool and windy,I think its coming off the ice too as it has cooled off a lot since the sun went down, Winter PJ tonite as DH is back on night shift.
We have had a nasty couple of weeks here as member of my H crew was killed in a mine accident and it wasn't good as H was on the rescue team and knew him quite well(though I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him myself as he lived in Kal)
It was a shock especially for myself as I had had a feeling of dread the day before that awful feeling that something wasn't right)but had put it out of my mind.
Being my RDO and having spent it in Town shopping I didn't find out until a "friend " called me after school was out. After telling me a 43 year old had been killed at that mine and then waiting for that to sink in(DH is that age and I had been out of contact all day) proceeded to let me now it wasn't him.I could understand a friend wanting to know if we were ok but she never called back so the general concensus is that she was only after gossip....not only did she frighten me ,she also had called my oldest son(16) when he arrived home from work, asking questions about where his father worked,but he was not aware of the fatality until I arrived home he was the first to greet his Dad at the gate just to reasure himself Dad was ok....
I cannot bring myself to be anywhere near her and avoid running into her at school,keeping myself at the other end of school until the bell goes for I am not sure what to say,i also get the feeling however that she doesn't want anything to do with us anyway from her lack of contact! Dh was furious as the information leaked from the mine too early as well so hopefully there will be afew pineapples going places out there...
I just had to get this off my chest so I apologise if my ramblings are boring,I will be posting some piccies of spinning shortly to live page up and on other news I have been on the hunt for some Blue Faced Leicester top and by golly I found some.. a long way away but fairly cheap I think at moment so I am enjoying my little find,also some alpacca fleece maybe tripping to my front door too,I just love new fibre....


  1. Gosh, sorry about the loss of a friend and coworker. How awful. That "friend" who called you and your son ... Shame, shame! She would hope not to see me, if I were you. I'd be pretty angry with her.

    Is that first pic a possum from where you live? Ours look quite a bit different. Not so cute.

  2. shame on that so called friend ..doing that ..a mine accident is awful enough without someone trawling for info ..
    you know .i can timagine using possum fur to knit wit h.. .i'm interested to se how it knits ...(spins up )

  3. Sorry about the loss of your DH's coworker. I hate it when so-called friends troll for information during a bad situation. I can't blame you for being mad, especially since she called your son.

    It will be interesting to see how the possum fiber turns out.

  4. Hey Cathie,
    That person is surely not your friend. People can be so weird. Sounds as if you are really busy at the moment

  5. Dear Cathy
    Thanks for your comments on my blog..... i see you bought a stash of Sugar and Cream cotton...drooooooolll!!!

  6. Golly, that woman is poisonos! (Or is it venomous?) Anyone, she is not a nice person.
    Where did you find the BFL to spin? Waratah or elsewhere?