Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sock time

Heres the sock that is slowly coming along(down to heel now) and I hope to finish it this week(and pigs might fly!!!) LOL
I will have heaps left over too,its a bit coarser than I would have liked but being a five ply its fairly quick and just thick enough to make boot socks for my elastic sides next winter!

And I am so excited,this lace weight arrived this week,the magazine with the pattern for Icarus will be here shortly from The Wool Shack in Perth...Heavon knows where I will find the time to do it but its waiting for me,

The skein is some merino that I spun this week to clear the bobbins so I could spin that alpacca silk and merino that I have been trying to get to for the last month(or two) Its spun too,only 100g boohoo... I have to get some more as I think I got around 110m in a 8 ply, out of the roving that I had to play with, so I will need at least another 100 to 150 g to make a scarf.Its a bit overspun in parts but I am quite happy with it and only when I knit it up will its true nature appear.... picture soon....


  1. Ooh, your sock looks good! Nice handspun, too. Sheeshe, I need to learn to spin!

  2. I love the colour in the socks, very nice.

  3. The socks look great. I love the colours too.

  4. Wow, the colors are so yummy! Well, if pigs are flying there, then I actually might get all of my UFOs finished! LOL.

  5. I like the colors in your sock! I would never expect them to go well together. The yarn you spun looks very soft and squishy.

  6. The yarn for Icarus looks so snuggly .. can I ask what it is ???
    Those socks are so bright .. dont even tempt me ..(i'm the provibial one sock wonder )