Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas knitting!

"Christmas Knitting"

The kids are home and the holidays have started at least for them as I will only have Xmas day and Boxing day but there is a bonus I can just get up in the morning and go to work so can be home an hour earlier ,no lunches to make and no last minute making sure they all have soxs and uniforms in their draws!!!
Christmas Knitting so far has been successful! I haven't finished the lovely Irish Hiking Scarf but have the address of the recipient and will post it to her!

Heres a close up of cables ,I love them!!!! As for the other knitting I was able to finish two pairs of Fetching in Tapestry and two washcloths in Sirdar Cotton DK.I can tell you that this stuff is gorgeous to work with and I will definitely be looking into a cardi or something for a coolish spring/summers night(like at the Community Xmas Tree last night,I was cold by the time I got home!!!)

Any ideas anyone? i have to check The new Jo Sharp Book there may be an idea or two there!!

This is the third cloth that I started just before the fireworks last night,They make lots of light they do!And funny looks I did get!!!

This is a really lovely ivory colour and I think I will use to make that cardi,the others were soft pastel colours such as powder blue soft lavender,pink and green.I teamed them with a small tube of hand cream from Innoxa that are all different "flavours ". This was a house pattern that I found on this address.I had it memmorised quickly and will probably do more later as a stock up for little gifts as I always seem to get caught for time!!!

The last and only half done is a lacy one that I will add later,in the lavender shade,again an easy one and rather enjoyable.These are intended for the two office ladieswho make my life easier and forgive me when I forget to take my securteurs with me or don't answer my mobile because the lawnmower is on......

Edit, The finished pics of last cloth....

I made amistake in nt adding a garter st border on the bottom and didn't see the problem until I had finished the pattern adn was about to cast off,I think its lovely anyway...

A close up of the pattern,it was easy to memorise and will probably do another for a late pressie for my Nanna...I gave this to a staff member in the office along with a tube of lavender hand cream.I didn't recieve thanks but the other lady was thrilled with the above cream one, though puzzled as to what it was and even confered with the registrar until I asked her for her opinion later(of the yarn not pressie) and she loved it.

As for the lavender recipient it will probably be the last handmade gift I will spend time on as it looks like office politics has been the issue(all because I asked my assistant to do her job properly,she thought she had a cushy position to come and go as she pleased,it was noticed by my boss so I have worn the blunt of someone elses directives and as the office person is friends with that family,I am the biggest B@#*@, but as I said to my boss at beginning of my position,I will be a great supervisor at the end of my term,she agreed.....I am a really nice person really.......I am very appreciated by everyone else,especially when I bring smoko in ,LOL.........

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  1. Yay! The scarf looks really nice! Cute cloth, too.