Sunday, September 10, 2006

I thought I would try to draft a post this time and add to it !
There are photos to download but too lazy,I mean too tired to get up and go out to get the Card .

Above is the Geraldton Wax one of the recent aquisitins for my new garden out the front of the house,everything I have put out there at the moment is at least, looking happy!

I managed to get the( CP for the KAl) started and relised that my tension was abit tto stiff so hav undone at least 6 inches ,or should I say frog back to ribbing and started again with 5.5mm needles and already I can feel the difference!
It was softer,I used 5mm as the patern said to but I can't find the card from Bendigo Wool to see waht It says about the aran wool! Its Denim in colour and I thought this would be more ageless and suit my casual life style as well(though I have been told to book this time next year for the Races where Hats and the whole dress up bit will be th eorder of the day)! The photo is a bit dark but as usual the wool is very nice in person! And gorgeous to knit with.

I have however already planned the next colour if this pattern is good to me!

I need to finish one more Dishcloth so I can forward it to the lucky person! The garterlac was a bit confusing so am going to restart it when My DH is on night shift and stick it until its finished.I am not silly but I found the instructions a bit puzzling to follow so nee to keep on it .With that in mind I will try another pattern and leave the garter one till I have the brain space to follow it.

We are looking at doing up our house here but are also talking about only the basics so we can think about moving to Bendigo for a change.I am not very happy with my lot and there may be more opportunities for th whole family.However We are earning a very good income here,and one son is in the student council etc ,another is settled with his aid,though the others including the oldest may like the shift.We can't afford to move really, but a bag each?(mine will be massive as I will not leave my stash,sewing machine .......) Of couse the politician son re councilor wants to stay also because he is setting up his lizard thingy.... oh what to do.....This is my Tibouchia,I was told at the Nursery that it has a lovely smell...When it came out I was sad to find it has no smell,silly woman..maybe when its happier?

One of the plants that have moved to my place(I planted the other one and its doing well)

I am thinking of starting a garden blog as I am always collecting photos of flowers and bits that belong in one!

This is one of the latest dye jobs and although I wasn't happy as I was working on them I am happier now as they have been balled up!

The blue is Mulberry with Raspberry and the three toned on is Mushroom,Oak and Raspberry!

Since I enjoyed this little adventure I have gone on to order some more colours including black,pale blue and few more that I can't remember by name but i am hoping to try Beatlewears watermelon colour way!

The pale blue on the right is a dipped ball method and I am quite pleased with it though I would have liked a slightly darker tone,maybe if I skein it and overdye it with the blue that is coming from Hawthorne Cottage! Just a bit as I was trying to imitate a Cloud colourway that I saw on Dave Daniels ,its Cleckheatons Country and so soft to knit with. The mushy one is by the way a PAnda brand that came in 100g balls and although I haven't knited a swatch yet looks like a 5 ply so am keen to do apair of socks!

Thats it ,I have managed to save this to adjust for another time and it worked!!!! so I am off to finish cooking tea! I'll leave with a close up of the Tibouchia.....


  1. Your pictures are great! I think your yarn turned out beautifully!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous yarn! I always love checking out what you are up to! You make me envious -- :) Nicole from Norway

  3. I love the Hoodie, the pattern actually said 5.5mm which means that your tension is spot on. I had to use 4.5mm to get it right!!

    I had to have a slight chuckle when I read about you thinking of moving to Bendigo, I mean we all know that our favourite woollen mill resides there he he!

  4. The dyed yarn looks fantastic~ I have all that white clinker to play with. I'd like to make the one skein wonder and use dyed yarn for that. What dyes are you using? (I have enough white to make the CPHoodie, but how would I dye that large amount and get a consistant colour? hmmm, maybe not?)

  5. I am using Bendigo Aran too, in Dusty Blue for my CPH. Yours looks great. Maybe my next one I will go up a needle size too, so it is not as stiff.

  6. The three colour dye job is gorgeous. Well done.

  7. What gorgeous yarn! I love the colors and can't wait to see how it knits up! I think you are into what I call "garden porn"! LOL. I think a gardening blog would be wonderful! Have a happy week!

  8. Did I read aright - you are thinking of moving to Bendigo? Bendi has severe water restrictions at present. Is Kambalda on the Golden Pipeline?
    You've been having fun with dyeing yarn!
    If that tibouchina is also known as a lasiandra, I've never noticed that they have a scent, though maybe the leaves do....