Thursday, September 21, 2006

Late as usual

Beware Snakes below.......down further I mean!

I am posting another quickly as I really want to 'talk 'at the moment!
H has taken son no 1 to KAl to pick a parcel up that he left in the shop a week ago and to get some parts for his bike!
We went to Coolgardie for their annual Coolgardie Day on Sunday(great day out but I have been left with a disgusting house and no time for this week to do it) and he was included in a demo with the BMX team from Perth so his enthusiasm has been stoked up again!

This from our front door(picture me trying to hold back three energetic kids wanting to play,dog included) it was glorious.....lawns are really greening up now!Heres another one as it will most likely be the last we will see for a while!

I went looking at the New Knitty and have already picked what I want to do!The wrap which although a bit finer than I would normally knit looks gorgeous, Serrono looks interesting as does the scarfy thing! Lucy looks niccccceeee too,imagining it in some purple merino silk roving from Hawthorne cottage! Desicions......

Must finish other things too!

I have decided my next big purcahse is the fold up spinning wheel that I had the priviledge of looking at at my Auntys house three years ago.It folds up like a flat brief case and is intriguing.Not telling Hubby,he will have a fit!! He is building a Blow cart for us to use on Lake Lefroy for weekend jaunts.... If anyone knows anything about the spinning wheel ,could you let me know whatever about it? I am researching it at moment and all I can remember is the price tag!!! $500 abouts(a big secret this will be )....

He wasn't impressed when I told him how much Fluffas haircut was going to cost too..$120..need I say more!

I will leave you with a close up of a very young brown snake the boys decided to make a movie star before I made them take the poor thing out to the bush...


  1. Go biker dude!
    It's been rainy here, too. I am not happy about it. It's cold and getting colder. Winter is coming to the USA, and I hate winter! Time to knit something really warm, I think.

  2. Re spinning wheel - do you mean the Ashford Joy? It folds up and has its very own carry bag. So sweet.

    Unlike the snake on a stick - not at all sweet and quite heart-stopping.