Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A little bit here and there

I was wiped out on tthe week end,just too tired, didn't even get to do any of the knitting spinning or dyeing either.
Now I made a start,Monday I did a lovely round dishcloth and Tuesday Another but in Alien green......I need to find a pattern like a flower,I saw one ,just have to look again,but me thinks that curiosity will have me looking at the garterlac from Jiminy Crikets (hope thats spelt right!
Lots of photos just have to download .....
I'm goin to try a draft this time and add photos later!
One thing though,I soaked my lovely white wool in vinegar thinking that would be okay to finally use the Gaywool dye and then I read the instructions and the method I want to use, says to squirt the ball with water with a bit of detergent in it then apply diluted dye(or something like that)
Am going to do some research... any ideas out there?
stay tuned....


  1. It must be the end of winter that is making us all so tired, I feel exhausted at the moment.

    Looking forward to seeing your spinning and dyeing adventures.

  2. I just feel so ragged too,the wind is quite warm and is blowing dust so we've just missed another rain bearing change....