Saturday, August 19, 2006

A long Week

Its been along week,probably because the days are gradually getting longer even though the nights are still pretty cold(2 degrees on Thursday morning at around 6 am.My fingers were burning so mittens were the item that morning!
I have nearly finished my last Secret Pal gift and only have about 30 rows to go,not much you could say but getting to it as been an issue.Its going to be late but I will let her know so that she doesn't think shes been forgotten! I have been adding some goodies too as I think a little thought goes a long way.
I had a bit of fun at the LWS last Tuesday(Early knock off for the kids at school,2pm ) so dashed in to pay some bills etc! It was the worst day we have had for a while,strong winds,dust everywhere and I was starting to get very tired arms and hands from holding the car on the road! There was a little rain, enough to use the windscreen wipers coming home but we still had to water at school the next day.
Anyway,at the WS, I was able to pick up a couple of balls just incase I was called on to be an angel for a Secret Skein swap person and I discovered that Cheryl had stocked on Patonyle which by the time I got there wa nearly all gone! Apparently I am one of three persons who are constantly asking and buyingher sock wool.I am hoping She will be able to stock some more including Jigsaw!
The white perendale I will dye for a special gift One Skein SP if needed and a ball of Sulivans stuff that is a type of feathers ,and Cheryl pointed out it was a bit on the chemical nose abit! Pretty though and I haven't seen this brand before!

This a bundle is myStash Enhancing stuff!Yep thats the firts time I have said that,Stash Enhancer..... nice ring!

The green wasn't as lime as I would have liked but it'll do to get a start on the Dishcloth swap! And hopefully my order of Sugar n Cream/Peaches and cream will arrive soon!

I love the sock wool though,especially the soft pinky green one. I would like to see how the Patonyle wears compared to te coarser Opal,which washes up well but is rough to knit with!

This is my Last Secret Pal gift from Anne ,she put another ball of mauve perendale in the parcel s she thought I could use it ! Thanks Anne ,now I can knit a pair of ankle socks for me too,!!!!!

Stayed tuned for more piccies, the blogger is being a bitch tonite....................


  1. Nice yarn in your Stash Enhancing stuff. I love those colors.

  2. Hey Cathy,
    I started out with stash enhancers and have ended up with a huge stash. I am seriously bothered about my stash, particularly as I have run out of storage room

  3. Nice additions to the stash, I have ordered some Sugar and Cream and I got a note in the mail yesterday telling me that there is a parcel at the PO to be picked up and as neither Mr Brickie or myself are expecting anything else it must be the SnC!! I am keeping it for myself though as I have ordered some eco cotton for the swap.

  4. I have mine !!!!And will post apiccie soon,so happy I am ,its lovely,can't wait to try it!