Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hockey hasn't finished yet!

Hooray! they're in the semi finals! And that means more trips to Kal, Monday,and next Sunday and after that we will learn whether they have more games!
Now I love the enthusiasm they have but it means my days are becoming very full 16 hour days,and no weekends to unwind!!!! Meaning no knitting ,spinning,dyeing and general do as I would choose.....

There I have had a is fun to see them enjoy a sport though.And only a few more games!

Anyway,I have also joined a dishcloth swap hosted by The Procrastinator herself,so I am on the hunt to find some nice cottons.Thankfully the real heat won't start here till mid November so if I can get the cotton I really want quickly I will have them done.The Coats cottons at Kmart although resonably priced looked too hard so its off to Ebay to find a shop in America for the nice looking 'Sugar'n cream' 4ply and 'Peaches and Cream' ,the latter is supposed to be great for face washes!
I have sussed out some nice patterns including an entralac one that should be fun(have a look at the Dishcloth swap blog and follow links if interested!)

Work is picking at school as the warmer weather is beginning to show,though its still cool at night to the point we light the fire still! Fluffa(aka snuggles) has been naughty(during her nightly run of house) and loves chewing the cords and gets very cranky when removed from her chewy bits!She actually thumped the floor with back feet when I took her away from our lounge which looks like a big rat has been there andwas most indignant when she found her access blocked.The lounge is getting old anyway but I want to get the kitchen done first so it has to last a bit longer(though no one sits on it most of the time as its always full of laundry)!
On the knitting front,I have finished one sock for a friend in hand dyed corredale and started a gift for my Secret Pal!

This was the second Skein from my Secret Pal with a fluffy ball and a nice lavendar Perrendale wool,it looks like I will get a pair of ankle socks,I finished these this morning but have since frogged it back as I tried it on and it was very short so I am going to add 5 more rows.I have a size 8 to 9 foot and I wouldn't mind betting the lucky recipient has a small foot but as I didn't add a few extra rows under fluffy bit it will need length to compensate! This wool has been eyed off by a few friends and lucky enough I have 4 balls put away so I will be garranteed of a pair for ME!!!!! My Secret Pal is so lovely and intuitive to send such a gorgeous colour(everyone wants it!) that'll teach me to show everyone!

Well I have too much to do, so I'm off to try get on top of a bit before I run out of time!


  1. Lovely socks, pretty colour.

    I have been searching for Sugar and Cream also, placed a bid this morning on some so fingers crossed.

    Cindy sent me some great links for Aussie cottons I will email them to you, worth a look ;)

  2. Hi,thanks for sock comment!

    I have also shortlisted some cotton too,a bit hesitant about the time it will take to get here,still waiting for German sock wool!
    Checked out the links you sent too,Should add them to blog!!!!They look pretty good!!

  3. I have joined the Dishcloth Shuffle and was having trouble and confusion with Sugar and Cream 4 ply worsted, which is equivalent to our cotton 8ply her in Australia. I made a dishcloth last night and used 2 x 4ply yarn together, worked well. Otherwise, Bendio have an 8 ply cotton and Heirloom do too.

    Guess who Cathy, I couldn't wait any longer and your last One Skein package should arrive this week.

  4. If I wasn't in such a hurry I could have spelt a bit better in last comment.

    It is Bendigo Cotton, but I guess you knew that. And HERE not her. Had dumb do I seem, so much for first impressions.

  5. Annie,I couldn't resist and had a look at your journal! and realised I have been there before!!!!!!!I have enjoyed myself immensly,and hoping to find some local cotton to start off the dishcloth swap too!
    posting this weekend......

  6. I really like those socks! I like both Sugar 'n Cream and Peaches and Cream yarn. They are very similar.