Friday, August 11, 2006

A lovely weekend

Hey I managed to get a Saturday Sky..........
Its a warm and definitely a spring feel. Now I could get cranky 'cause I haven't finished many things for me and am still going on others for gifts (which I don't mind as the appreciation is wonderful)
I haven't made it do any spining but if I can shift the boys along today I may get a play later.
On the Dishcloth swap,I have ordered the materials I would like to use,namely Sugar'n cream and alittle bit of Peaches and Creme and only because people rave about this stuff,as well as the fact there doesn't seem be much available locally (localLWS).
I do have a few links thanks to Shazza and they arre really good!
eco yarns
I like the ecoyarns for the something really special but the crochet australian site looks pretty good too.I just had to be difficult and buy from the States!I have ordered a fair bit so might sell some to recoup the postage(air at $22 US)!!!!!!!
Its curious that no locals supplers have imported but like the sock wools it a shame that the local mills haven't caught with the overseas trends and supplied the Australian markets!I did look at the coats cotton in KMart but wasn't sure if the patterns I found on the net were 8 or 4ply (in our lingo)I think I saw someones comment that the US 4ply patterns are equivelent to our 8ply! Anyone know?
AND Look at this Box,how exciting (for me anyway,)all the way from Germany,the kids thought I was a bit strange but I have been waiting 3 months for them!!
Here they are in all their gloryand one of the Flamongos is yours, Shazza,to add to that collection you recieved last week! When I saw yours had a rrived ,I was thrilled as it meant mine wasn't far away!

And this is my latest sock purchase from Sweetfern on Ebay,based in Tassie! She is fantastic to deal with and best of all thats where I can find the Filatura di crosa 501 which I love knitting with! This time I also bought some My Lords nobbly yarn also for socks as she reackoned they were nice too! Sucker for new yarn but maybe I will have enough sock for me next year when warm comfy feet are really appreciated!

After reading my emails today,its a bit hard to keep up with them,as my DH has set up another computor in my bedroom as the kids were taking over the main one. He's experimenting with two hard drives in one tower .The problem is that if someone has turned on the other one in the lounge,I don't get my emails where I work on THIS computor.Anyhow ,apparently some people have not been really good with their Secret Pals ,so the organisers have asked for 10 Angels to come forward to help those who have missed out! I decided to put my name forward so now I have another person to knit a secret gift for as well.I had fun with first round ,haven't finished the gift for it yet but I will make it by skin of my teeth!

I have to go into Kal on Tuesday(DH decided at the last minute ,that he didn't want to pick kids up from school on Thursday past when I was going to finish work early at 12.30, fly in ,have a haircut ,pay some urgent bills and be back early enough not to be too tired on Friday.) Now I have to drag 4 kids in with me as he is on 24 hour break and the kids finish school at 2 pm and he has to sleep for night shift.They are going to be bored silly and I reackon by the time we get home I will have migrain,Men!!!!!!!

I will stick my recent philosophy, don't rely on them and you will know where you are at all times ,well most of the time anyway!!I was hoping to nip into the LWS and pick up the two balls/skeins and post them off quickly so I had time to work on a gift,maybe a lovely face wsher out of the Peaches and Creme that will hopefully arrive in time!

Anyway, here is Fluffa looking annoyed as we foiled yet another attempt to chew something she shoud not,she has already Buggered the lounge ! I hated it anyway and I 've hardly sat on it but I was hoping to get the kitchen done first!

Don't look at the pebbles she's left,she loves to have a play,usually first thing in the morning and again at night before being put to bed in her special night box,(where Tilly can't make dinner of her!) She has gaine dsome weight too ,so is a bigger bunny to when we picked her up!

See these lumps of dirt? this is the work of some dedicated BMX boys who needed some new jumps as the shire had flatterned the last lot!

Right I have to go ,lots of spring cleaning to do and not much time(translate,I have lost some valuable things and can't find them in the Storage room,aka,bedroom) wish me luck!

PS,does anyone know of a pattern for the padded coathangers that are usually seen on fete tables and CWA fund raising stalls, the usually soft acrylic is knitted horizontally up and over the wooden bit and few rows of knitting lace is knitted in on either side of the metal hanger,they are padded with craft padding and can be stuffed with pot pouri or something smelly! A long description but at least you get the picture !!!! I have looked at a few free pattern sites but haven't been able to find it yet!


  1. i have a pattern for knitted coat hangers ..with the lace 'hangy' bit .
    tomorrow i'll post a picture of the cover . ...and the pattern ..if your interested .

  2. That would lovely! Thank you!Knitted tops hang well for winter if you use the thick padded ones!

  3. Oh that's a nice batch of yarn you have. Lovely sky too!

  4. I agree,now I have to decide which one to start!

  5. Hi Cathy! I wanted to introduce myself as your "secret" dishcloth swap pal! Glad to get to know you! I was very excited to get an Aussie pal and can't wait to learn more...My husband and I spent 3 weeks there in 2001 and hope to return someday. Loved every minute of your land "down under".
    Love the Opal yarn! Enjoy!

  6. Cathy I've emailed you a pic of the coathanger patterns I have, let me know if it's what you're after and I'll post in on.

  7. Oooh Flamingo, I will email you to arrange delivery :)

  8. oh I have flamingo too! I couldn't find it here in oz and bought online - I might try sea post next time for cheaper alternative!!!! mmmm can't wait to knit it up