Friday, April 18, 2014

Quiet Weekend

Its turned eerily quiet with the males disappearing in different directions leaving me to a supposedly good study weekend,but so far Ive done bugger all,well Ive got ten pages of art research done and this
 I have to draw an imaginary cave along with light beams and a candle lit table,should be interesting once I get my act into gear,did the above table in 5mins last night and get the ideas going,I found a pack of tonal papers and card last night too while clearing my shelves of old magazines,it hurt a bit to throw them  and have stopped buying quilting ,sewing ones but every now and then I pretend I have time and fall for a new one. Interweave knits and Knit Simple come home of course and although I could but them on disk,I have this thought of a meltdown of communications and computers,at least Ill still have hard copies..
below are my work mates,are they just gorgeous!!! I have plans of drawing and mixed media art works with these especially now I have Chinese ink
 Singing for his supper..a young bird Im hoping will pick p a word or two
 Confedrate Rose or Hibiscus mutabilus  Trying to figure out where I can put the two plants I got going last Spring

It gets big but boy its takes root in water so very easy to propagate

 My new Garanium Big Pink is going well though needs a bit more dark green to its foliage,Im very happy with it,after a white one like this,Bunnings had run out so waiting to see if they get more,I have plans to have rows of them along front verandah ,well when Hubby gets it cleared of the shop equipment and this has my eye for my secret garden 
 And I remembered I had two of these stashed,in different boxes of course but made a head start last night on the Japanese Flower shawl,it was late so didnt finish this first one but amazingly easy, the colorway I was after was S45 in either sock or lace,it would have cost me close to $60 so thought this will do instead ( just liked the mustardy color of S45 mixed with the blues so I will keep an eye out for it later)
 Tutorial as linked before...Flower Shawl

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  1. Well that was a lucky find of the Noro!!! The flower looks just as the tutorial. Nice workmates too.