Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Choccy Day

Well its another Easter,a bit different this year as I sit here typing at 9am thinking I want another cup of tea but I should shower and race to the shop and get my lone sons Googie, everyone else has gone fishing partying on the coast with exception of one whos working in the Superpit,he has tomorrow off to start night shift that night,
I wanted to go into Town (Kalgoorlie) and have breakfast at Dome for a treat,their pancakes are passable,lol but son wasn't that keen and I got out of bed a bit disjointed, so much i forgot to do our lotto and had a thoroughly lazy day with only a small amount of study. Today it will be the same methinks but more work,I have to finish two more charcoal drawings,got this but it needs finishing
Im not sure what the tutor wants but will try to interpret and get done,the next one will be more tonal based
Im afraid to touch it,lol
anyway look what has been munching away on the neighbours grapes,we didnt eat many this year for some reason,Grapes I mean.
Behold Munch Munch Munch.....


  1. What an interesting looking caterpillar.

  2. Trying to remember what butterfly it belongs too