Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dawdling along

Its Sunday night and although I had wanted to write a post earlier I got busy chasing art supplies and gathering research ie. artist that use tones,now its almost the end of the weekend,wow did that go fast..
Had to buy yet another washing machine, Haia this time as it s a big sucker within what i was willing to spend and hopefully here in the house tomorrow night,not too much washing but some will be essential tomorrow get the gist, Im back to work right through school holidays due to harrassment and other stuff I just couldnt take that time off...
Going to the physio twice a week now and hopefully there ll be an improvement more than now anyway,I couldnt use my right arm for more than a few minutes driving into town yesterday,it hurst and aches and generally a nasty unco operative limb,raking for 5 hours on Friday may have done a bit of damage...with both arms now like this I have been told that a more tha %30 disability ? doubt it and Im not doing compo again after the fiasco of last time so will trundel along and see how I go.Hopefully new assistant will be great to work with.
This year Im aiming of getting more cuttings and seedlings going ,Sturt Peas and sunflowers etc,boss has asked or new garden areas to be developed,how they are going to water them ? Id had to turn back water on the whole grounds due to high tape they can keep it...
I saw this on Tangled yarns page  in Noro Taiyo Sock, in Col S 45,its not available now but boy I want it so bad,the colors are beautiful,I did find a shop still carrying that colorway so will decide later this week if i like it enough to pay $50 for two balls. Hubbys going fishing next week for more cost than that...hint hint..
Son 1 has moved closer to work,son 3 was going to but took one look at the tiny room in the old run down house and decided it was easier to stay at home and pay the fuel,its actually cheaper for him though I have to admit i was also thinking of having to cook and wash for two les,some nights Im preparing up to 12 meals as normal dinner then crib next day. Off to get some shut eye,so tired I feel nauseous. Though it could have been that Cienna I drank too
NO pics,Ive been so busy and when not too tired so hang in Ill be back

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  1. Wow, you ahve been so busy it makes me tired just reading it. I don't know how you do it. I think the washing machine is great, but the wool would be so nice, That is a gorgeous scarf and there would be no colour changing or ends to sew in. I hope the physio helps your arm.