Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Only 3 weeks of school left I think,please dont correct me its exciting to think this for the time being.Im marking up the oval for the Carnival shortly ,the dreaded chore of the year that previous gardeners seemed luckily to got away with not me though,must have gullable up there someplace
Oh the bestest news of course is that I passed the first Humanities Unit,must have read the score sheet wrong but its there and lost and sad little " P" but its a big fat "P" all the same,so happy I got that one down,just waiting for that dreaded Exam result....

AND blocked though ends havent been sewn in yet(cant find needle box)

My Pellies are just starting to flower,need a prune but I want to take cuttings so have been leaving it til I have the time to do so,they were meant to be a bday gift for someone who turned not to be the person I thought they were,lucky me they now reside at my front door,the other one is a bit slow but is the dark magenta type,beautiful

Love this Pic

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