Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply Saturday

And its a gorgeous day and Im seeing the end of my assignemnt looming,loads of fun if only I had the time to play furtehr and not cram it in,I had yesty off as I marked the oval last Sunday and did two projects,absolutley love this one,an experiment in colour...
The sun was so bright so will try for a better pic today but this one I love ,it burns with vibrant orange though theres no reason to say this its obvious.Im planning in my head the main work I hoping to start this year...

My oldest baby is home for a little while,hes FIFO from SA at this stage but not happy with his pay so maybe reconsidering.
For my part I should the medical outlook on my own injury by Wednesday I hope,MRI on the way...
No kbnitting pics yet maybe next time ,spinning,I waiting for a double issue of Enchanted from a lovely lady in the States who kindly offered to let me buy her stash of SCF Club so I can finishe the project I have in mind,I may start it today as a rest thingy to get my thoughts going to finish assisgnment..
Anyhow my Big baby caught me working yesty!


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