Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sanity Sunday

Well off we went to the festival,(65ksaway)it was a lovley day,the crowds were huge,drove around the block three times with a gradually unsettled Dh who suggested he drive to get a park spot,Im a cautious driver but finally MY patience paid off
Off we walked the few minutes to get in the gate,I immediatley starting taking shots of all the stuff around me including Pimp My Burger Van all respendant in the matching Red Hilux twin Cab and Food van,massive hamburger,next time Ill order a Baby Burger,hopefully it ll be smaller than what I had!(and cheaper than $15)
I was a little disappointed that alot of the stalls had crafty baby, small child things like clothes head bands etc and others were jewellry  and dust gatherers.I though being Sring there d be more in that theme,like garden demos or plants stalls, though the local Landcare from Karkurka pk had their table of plants from the nursery,not much but a long way from nothing.FOOD stalls everywhere.Hannans Park is awesome,huge green lawns and heaps of shady spots that on a normal Sunday you could go there with a picnic basket and a book while the kids played on the equally huge fenced off playground(almost wished I had young kids again) Plus there a little kiosk there for basic tea coffee etc
While all this was being surveyed I took photo after photo and just at the end when we were considering wed had enough I noticed one little thing,the camera was saying NO CARD on its screen which of course in my enthusiasm I didnt see,I was floored,no one has blogged about this event and I thought Id do so,well it ll have to wait til next year now....
Anyhow it was a good day out,went to Bunnings after and arrived home at 2pm ..only lightly sunburned!
We did do a bit aof shopping,two 1 kilo buckets of honey,Pattersons Curse or Salvation Jane and a one from the jarrah tree,lovely bee keepers,will be sure to go see them next time!
Ok Im off to get house ready for a busy week,last week before are excited and so am I,no lunches at 5.30 in the morning,I can wake up at 6,have a nice cup of tea and waddle off to work(unless something hits the wall)

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