Friday, September 23, 2011 Off Friday

Oh dear I was little slow this week,missed out on Wordless Wednesday,never mind,it was truely that way,I flew to Perth on Monday arriving at 9.10 and spent the day wandering around Midland Spotlight and then Midland Gate Shopping centre,at 3 that arvo I caught a taxi to Subie for the appointment for my hands MRI which returned positvely,it wont fall off,only strained with fluid build up.Docs reckons it ll take about 12 weeks to sort itself out as long as I dont bugger it up again.
I stayed over night at the Perth Ambasidor, old but not too bad,to bad the staff werent as nice,the food in restaurant I expected better too,though looking at the other dinners ,maybe I too fussy? I did order a steak and salad as the rest of the menu looked nothing flash,surly they couldnt reck a steak,WELL DONE plz... it arrives still kicking,waited 30 minutes for it to be "chucked " back on the stove(yes I did say that to floor manager,oops,still in the bush) and then another 20 at least for its heralded return,$31 ? no wasnt too bad but not for that price!
Anyhow,next morning the reception tried to tell me I owed $ 380 odd for my stay,WHAT??????? it was prebooked and payed AND I payed my Dinner the night before.WTF?? anyway sorted after they went througha huge fistfull of recieht from restaurant..
Spent the rest of the day back at Midland Gate(flight home at 5.30pm..) as I knew where I was AND Spotlight wa there,AND I found Jackson Art Supplies earlier,woohoo let me loose,$110 later I had some new wtaer colours and a pad plus new brushes and a very special one out of badger? hair,I posted my loot from Spottie and art Shop back as the weight was killing me(back pack) and I wasnt sure if theyd let me on with the brushes.
As my bestest friend couldnt make the day cause of work I was feeling abit bored,oh what the hell,there the camera shop loomed,fell off my budget sooo hard but Im EXCITED!!! A Rebel has moved home with me and Im having a ball learning how to use it!  Im hoping to make the Spring FEstival on Sunday in Kalgoorlie where Im hoping to play a bit more!!
Heres some of the first pics

The last was Bens first photo using Rebel,LOL shows its simple to use!!
On the spinning/knitting front I nearly finished the first half of the Magic ball and am about 25 rows short of finishing DH socks........
Oh this is with my little bay camera,I rather like ths effect of this page in my diay,part of assignment posted on Sunday9not enough experimental entries Ive been told already)
I still like to go look at them..

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