Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I took these this afternoon,the mexican standoff ,well not really the King Billy Butcher bird mere presence is enough for the junior bird to bow his head,Bossy Boots attacked a female this morning and trounsed her quite rudely in front of the assembled birdies and all the others immediately bowed their heads and fluffed up in obedience,funny what you can learn if you sit and watch.. quite the

I tried the 300 ml lense this afternoon,very happy with it,Im picking up a Macro later this month,Im particualry fond of close ups!

 Gum flowers high up

Now the light was very strong,thought the camera auto setting should have corrected itself here,its the second pot of pellys,dark magenta!! Gorgeous!I ll leave it small,it might blind....
In spinning news
I have a lovely parcel coming soon with some batts,black yellow and white,looks yummy,will show them when they arrive. The Enchanted Batts havent landed yet hope they do for the holidays,Ive finished the magic ball from Mandie,its plied and waiting a bath,Im sort of thinking entralac scarf..
Knitting news,Ive finished DH socks,now I have three pairs to sew up....
Pics when they happen..
I have some grass warblers in my back yard,thats how high the lawns getting... ahem must do something this weekend,no wait I have at least 3 paintings to do....Boys???? Can you....
Oh Knitty how Ive missed you!On the wish list!
and this isnt including all the others from the last issues....

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