Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday nearly gone

Well Im half prepared for the exam so after sitting in Kal for two hours watching Paddy play his last game of hockey I back here with a couple of pics,didnt take camera to hockey in knitting bag at home but I do have a couple of pics to share
By the way Paddys team lost by a fraction,it was a close one and had us supporters on tender hooks as the closk round down,alas it wasnt to be but boy its been a great season and even with the injuries he collected including blocking the ball last week with his head(he must have a hard one) and a few deliberate hits to the knees cruel bastards (opps I swore) hes enjoyed himself and so have I,it was a chance to sit and knit(or study) listen to the radio at the antics of Jaqui O and her cohort while trainig was on! I shall miss it
Anyhow I wrote the pattern down for my new scarf,not a unique one and its an old one but I found the one I found was too wide so I modified it.This is just over two days worth,3 hours? over half way

Chevron scarf
Cast on 33st
Purl one row if your cast one has a definite front/ back look like mine
 ROW 1...K2tog,K 3, YO, K1,Yo,K3,S1,K1, PSSO
Row 2..Purl
Continue till desired length is reached ending on wrong side and cast off loosely wash and block to bring out the pattern
My wool is 200m of Churro(Navajo sheep) Bunny handspun from Charleys Tops at Ixchel Fibre Farm, I used 4.5 mm needles and the wools roughly a sport which gave me a scarf with a width of 15 cm unblocked but should be nearer to 20cm wneh Im done with it
Im loving this particular pattern as it shows off the variation in the wool and perfect whn Ive spun top too thick and not enough for socks though I did discover I had another ball Id spun ages ago and forgot so i would have had enough for socks anyway but I love this scarf so much Im going to make a pair of gloves out of the remainder.
Oh and I like my new Harmony Needles,Pink ones !!Im very enthuse at changing them around as I need different lengths on my cords
This another UFO i found that I finished last Christmas well in the first term,the other half I dragged out this morning,again my own pattern based on the 72 st sock with a gussett heel (eye of partridge for cushioning)
The colours are better in this photo! Yarn is a sock yarn from Spotlight which I cant remeber now but was a cheap style on,I paid $14 for this one  EDITED to ADD Moda vera  Ive since seen this on Rav destashed for as little at $5,I only bought it as I wanted something knitty from Dubbo,everything was shut for holidays so couldnt get to my fave little shop in Tamworth st..
Well Sunday is slipping away very fast ,ack to books for refreshing,semiotics gender,history,feminism and so on!

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