Friday, August 19, 2011

An Invalid

Oh well I think I ve done it this time,Had a wee accident last Thursday,dint worry too much at first but come Friday (last Week) I thought hmm its getting a bit sore of I toots off to Docs who straight up says, Ive ruptured or partially torn  this tendon in my hand,"You must go Work compenastion" hes says,No I says Im sure its going to be fine,I just wanted to find our how bad and what do I do to fix it, He muttered and cursed a bit too well in his way,gave me Brufen and said see you next  Friday...well its next Friday and after being talked at and talked by DH and Docs I went Compo ANYHOO,the tendon  ( Extensor digitorum tendons )is now inflamed and the fluid building up in the sheath surrounding this charming little tendon is leaking out and working its way into my other "sheaths" and into my wrist,hence more sore and now stiff as well,bugger...I serverely do NOT like Compo

The above picture is from the link above that just for niceties referances I mean
On the up side the Doc says I can work just no weight lifting with that hand.
Enough of that,SPRING is nearlly here,I want my new camera NOW,there natives flowering everywhere and the weather although pure icy early morn,the later day are just gorgeous.I finsihed some optum last week and I skeined and washed it tonight,was goign to ply it but Im dreaming of a lovely Estonian lace scarf,Im starting as soon as I am able!
I ve also  finished one sock and started the second,wow how did that happen,its some handspun and dyed BFL thats been sitting my stash for at least 2 years,I did start it on my trip east but on 2.25mm needles it was really hard to knit and it hurt my hands so I froggeg it and started again on 2.75mm, a lot softer.When I dyed it I wet the wool and sprinkled the blue dye(Sky) over the skein and then cooked in microwave,its muted with the shadowy blue of different hues scattered through. Pics later as I have never cpatured it yet!
I hope when I get back into the roll of things I ll be able to finsih this last sock,finish spinning the last of the Churro and start it as socks too! Oh and spin up the Enchanted top and hope the lovely lady who offered the other two remembers so I can adopt them too! I got the new(to me) pattern books for Noro,small projects one and Flowers!!! Will add pics in next post
Paddy has two hocky games this weekend,that means a spot of shopping for me,bunny beans and I needa couiple of new tees for early spring,I seem to have gone totally black last year but Id like a lighter tone /colour this time..
Oh I also invested in two flyers off Ebay for my old wheel,ones a jumbo and Im real happy to have them!
Ill leave with a pic of my biggest boy whos coming home soon before clearing off for a four week stint out bush in SA doing a job for his boss

Ta ta!

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