Saturday, August 20, 2011


Its a lovely warm day,I went and bought two nice light shirts yesty while Pat was at Hocky,one s just an average one from target something other than black which Ive taken to wearing,mind you I was curious what people tjought with the huge decorative "C" written across the front,it stands for Cavelry of One a group set up to help people acheive something like the old fella on his last years ride around Australia one last time,funds were raised through sales of tees etc,I got two,one is the "C" one and the other little "C" making up the shape of Aussie,come to think of it I must check to see if Tassie made it on there.Anyhow I got a grey tee shirt and  a chechered cowboy style shirt in cotton which I have another very simiar but it will dress up nicely or down if necessary. I had a good look around for plain nice tees but they ll all flowery or off the shoulder types,yuck!
Ok heres the pics Ive been promising,sitting on card for a while but uploaded yesty!
Anyway Knitting and Spinning

And projects

BFL socks on
52 st recipie
and short row heel,
handspun and
dyed well dyed with the sprinkle method
 then spun on Roberta,gorgeous stuff cant wait to try them,the first sock took me about 3 days fanstically quick! And  perfect fit too! I used  the stretchy cast off .

Harvest Moon
On 4mm needles
Small size though may twinge it to do med for arm and body
Cleckheaton Silk garden,have 12 balls but may need another one or two
beautiful to knit and pattern so far is easy except I got markers A and B on the wrong sides so had to contact peoples for affirmation to continue

Im about to realise my wish list well get into it so its hopefully done by Chrissy!
Priority 1   Dining Chairs
P 2 Cannon Camera
And next year more furniture ZI really need need a new bed and cupboards
Its really warm here today ,even the bunies have come inside to rest,the tiles are cooler than the ground outside apparently!

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