Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have two more days..Tuesdays a bit stuffed due to having to go into town but Ive managed to finish the main portrait sketch which I shall publish here (just for bestest friend) not very happy with it and I really should redo do parts, but for now Ill leave it as is,tomorrow I have afew things to do,try to tidy up table so i can paint this portrait,get board ready to paint,I may do paper this time,cook something for the school week,plant a blood orange and if I get enough done Ill give myself a treat of winding my new yarn and starting the pattern I want to try....

Fresh out of ball state and ready for the bath...
I got busy last night and managed to knit Harvest dawn up to the point of dividing for the sleeves etc whne I discovered I had meant to increase from XS to S so an hours knitting was back to where I started ,I do hope I have enough for this cardigan,Im juat about finished third ball,I think i have 11 or 12.
And just for interest.I dont remember if I posted this before.Just look at the bee!!

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