Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nearly there

Im up to the last bit of my assignment and I hope if the thunderstorms we re having right now wont take our power cause i have an aweful lot of diary entry to make to show my working for the projects and exercises
Im thinking of framing this one,I think the bottle brush is too upright but it reminds of old Australian paintings..

Bugger its facing the wrong way but it looks good, one of the close up paintings in preparation for expressionst abstractism
 More of painting below where you can the little gum nuts that I took the above from facing the right way

mmm   rather pleased with this exercise!
The last is another but in the shade,it also gives a spatial effect as you can see the estle

Knitting I picked up the latest IK Holiday and Vogue as well,love quite a few patterns!
I like the Water shed shawl in the Holiday one!