Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Weekend WA

Exhausted this morning after a late night and going out at Midnight to pick up hoppy son from Club,such a fun of life boy but arh such a pain when he doesnt listen to Mum,had to get him into Cruiser,get him out and to front door and the he wanted me to cook him something to eat...
Anyhow even though I was not quite with it I mowed the lawn, I live with 6 males go figure and the trimmed and raked and I can now start to see the garden and its potential,Im watching the boys vegie garden like a hawk and will not be happy if it let run wild like last time... Im hoping to plant some Zucchini out the fron at bae of roses(removing shasta daisies and taking them else where) and hopefully will start a bit of productivity.
My organic oranges,only valencias and bit bland in flavour but being free I wont argue..
Boys vegie patch,butternuts onions,strawberries and tomotoes..........
Ive finished the batt,the hat in the magazine is what I hope to knit,its very noro like and bit thick thin but when I wash them they should be great!

And Ive done the scarf too,put a fringe on it to jazz it up,not sure its its effective or not but i think next Winter worn with jeans and jeans jacket will look good! I kept a few metres to do a fancy teapot hopefully out of that Tea Cosy Book!
And I arrived home yesty to a super surprise from Charley,I had my eye on it and without a blink she sent it over,Im blessed to have such great fibre pals for Im thinking more than Charlei is involved...,dont know what I will spin it for but thinking that if I spin it like the top one there may be enough for a wrap or definitely a hat but also it could be a wonderful accompany yarn for the like of the garter st cardigan! Or King of Confidence
Gorgeous isnt it!!!!!!!!! Merino, Alpaca,Angora,Yak.Mohair,Silk,Cashmere,Glitz,Angelina,Seaweed and Mink...............breathe breathe..........and breath...

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