Saturday, October 08, 2011

In fiddling around trying to get some serious project work done I also played around with my new waters...

Small detailed works like this I really enjoy ,still learning with the other one,its a fast ten minute job looking at the courtyard Im painting for a major part of this SP 2nd assignment
I been working on my magic ball linen st scarf,hoping it will be long enough
Also havent gotten a chance to take pics,maybe later today while its bright light!
Ok here is my new spinning stash,isnt Geode gorgeous?? I thoght it was black with yellow and bue but its deep purples with sparkles,sign,cant wait to spin it,prob in a single to use as a feature yarn,been looking for a pattern,thanks Shirl!!!

And of course Enchanted,enough to do the pattern I sort have in mind,may have enough for a short sleeve cardie yet,Rhonda sent a little gift of gorgeous alpaca too!This stuff is seriously nicestuff to spin,I use my peggy here for a more uneven effect which is also spoigy,love it! I think I have about 500m so far this should produce another 300m?

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  1. hey cathie....if you happened to a red t-bird roll through town in the last few hours, that was my friend doing the Sydney to Perth. Pics he is taking along the way are awesome. 7.15pm wa time 18/10