Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nearly there

I started this yesterday and Ill finish the bits tomorrow,I was getting angry as I couldnt get the right tone but for the timne I have I think Ive done ok for the assignment,Im finding that I have talents that have been buried for far too long,this I now think of when stressed and bothered in that other place,I can and I will climb above those who dtrive to belittle and control
Behold the gentleness of old age stills....

Still have the yellow gums ( and the red pink ones)  and the grevillea to finish off........oh I photographed in the evening light so it has a bluish cast,to finish I now have to use small veiwfinders and make 6 abstracts based on the shapes etc tones and colors in this painting!
My Front door,arent they wonderful!Rather me than the person they were going to orginally!
DH dragged my bike down to the Nickletown Carutebike Show,got a few comments,Ill see if I can get it a bit more presentable for next year!!! Honda Dream 305 dry sump all origianl,one bloke tried to buy it there and then,he worried me so much I didnt wander too far from the Girl all day! Thats bored out 750Four next to it!
Spinning...Ive started those batts too,pics when Ive got a bit into batty! Im spindling,its less room,I wish Ill be putting it into a hat,something lacy! Got the latest Vogue Mag I think theres something in that!

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